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This song applies to you children and it also applies to the Congress Party, because they too endured difficulties and liberated Bharat from the British. Therefore, this song was composed in that happiness. They continue to celebrate in happiness, but, no matter what they have accomplished, the old world has not changed. The world is as old as it was before. You children know that we are changing this world by following shrimat. That cannot be called shrimat. Shrimat only comes from the one God. You are now following the Father's most elevated shrimat, but those people have put Shri Krishna's name. You children now know that these are Shri Shiv Baba's directions. It does not seem right to call Krishna 'Baba'. These directions are from Shri Shiv Baba. They cannot be called the directions of 'Shri Krishna Baba'. You are making this Bharut pure again. The land of Bharat is important because it is the birthplace of the unlimited Father. This is the birthplace of the Father of all the human beings of the whole world, the One who is the Sestower of Salvation for All. This is called the highest and most elevated pilgrimage place of all. There is no other pilgrimage place as elevated as this one. However, they have changed the name in the Gita. The residents of Bharat themselves don't know that Bharat is the birthplace of the unlimited Father. Although they celebrate Shiv Ratri, they don't know who Shiva is, when He came or what His name and form are. You have now come to know this. You show a white star in the picture of the Shivalingam, so that people can clearly understand what the form of the Supreme Soul is. However, because they did not know how they could worship Him, they created a large form. In fact, He is a star. Baba was a jeweller. Saba knows that there are gems called' star ruby', 'fine star ruby', sapphire etc. That is the most valuable one. It appeared in the newspaper that the largest star of all was stolen from a particular treasure. So this Shivalingam is red with a white star in the centre, a starlight. It is very easy to explain this. A star is white. Souls seen in divine visions also appear to be white. It is the same thing, but you just need to put a star. You don't need to write anything else. It will be very easy to explain. In any case, there is an explanation at the bottom. The kingdom of heaven is your birthright because it is given by our Heavenly God the Father. Therefore, you should put a starlight. Saba is now giving you directions, so you must do the work quickly. There are some gems in which tsfirst-class star can be seen. They have great value here, whereas in the golden age, these things will have no value. Jewels there are considered to be stones; they are fixed to the palace walls. This world is now changing. You children know that you are now studying in order to claim your inheritance of becoming the masters of heaven from the Father. The more you study, the more elevated a status you will claim. You have to study and also teach others, that is, you have to make others similar to yourselves. Only then wi II you be able to claim a high status. You children know that you are Brahmins, and that you have to teach others this true pilgrimage. You have to give everyone the Father's introduction. No human being knows the Father. There is only one Father. Everyone else has received their own individual parts. The part of one soul cannot be the same as another's. Souls are imperishable and there cannot be any differencein their form. Everyone's body is different and there is a difference in the part of every soul. Each soul, which is like a starlight, is filled with an imperishable part; it is an imperishable part. Only you understand these aspects, numberwise, according to your efforts. As for the soul, it has been praised as being a unique star sparkling in the centre of the forehead. It is amazing, is it not? It is such a tiny star and it is filled with a part of 84 births. When people hear these things, they will give you many thanks and say: It is truly the Supreme Soul who is teaching them. You have to teach everyone. Although Christians only know English, you can speak in Hindi and an interpreter can translate it into English simultaneously. They will have their own interpreters. You have to give the Father's introduction. Just as the Father is the Bestower of Happiness and the Remover of Sorrow, so you children also have to become the same. You have to show the path to each and every one. It is the duty of you children to make others happy. Since you yourselves are claiming such a huge inheritance from the Father you also have to enable others to claim it. This is the greatest donation. Each version is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. If the versions in the scriptures are worth hundreds or thousands of rupees, why is Bharat so poverty-stricken? Therefore, you children have to explain to others and introduce the Father as the Supreme Soul. He is Rup as well as Basant (the Embodiment of Yoga and the One who Showers Knowledge), but how can He shower these imperishable jewels of knowledge? He definitely needs a body. Therefore, the Father comes and makes you children, that is, you souls, rup basant. You have to imbibe these imperishable jewels of knowledge. Donate them through your lips. No one can place a value on such jewels. There is a story about this as well. So, you should imbibe this. People pray to Shiv Baba and say: Innocent Lord, fill everyone's apron with jewels. You have to fill your aprons with these imperishable jewels of knowledge. Then, when you are there, the walls of your palaces will be embedded with diamonds and jewels. Therefore, you have to explain this to each and every one. The land of nirvana, that is, the land of liberation, is the place where the Father resides. For Buddha etc. they say they went beyond or that they went to Nirvana. That is everyone's home. That is the Father's home too. The Father has now come to take everyone back home. He is giving you limitless wealth. So, if you don't give the Father's introduction, who would? The Father says: When someone says: "I am a Christian", or, "I am such-and-such", all of those are bodily religions. You have to renounce all of those and remember Me, your Father, the One whom you have been remembering on the path of devotion. It is said: Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. It is mentioned in the Granth too that if you remember your wife at the end, that will be your destination. Now, you cannot become a cockerel or something like that, but everyone does take rebirth. Here, the Father says: Become soul conscious and remember Me. You have forgotten your Father and your home. The play is now about to end and it will then have to repeat. Those of Islam, the Buddhists and the Christians have all been repeating their parts. This drama has repealed innumerable times; there is no beginning or end to it. There is a beginning and an end to the drama but it continues to repeal automatically. Those who have understood these aspects should tell others to come and know the Father. Because of not knowing the Father, they have become orphans. Now, imagine, if the Pope said, "Do not tight", would they accept that? The Pope is the head of the Christians; he is their guru. So, why do they not follow their guru's directions? Those people are not likely to accept anything said by anyone. The Father comes and gives directions, and so you have to explain this to others. Gradually, people of all religions will come to understand this. At first, there were just a few of you Sindhis, and now mariy have started to come. You should even give the Father's introduction to the Christians so that they too can claim a right to the Father's inheritance. You must not tire of doing this. These exhibitions must continue with full force. There is a great responsibility for service on the serviceable children. They are the ones who will be seated on the heart-throne and then be seated on a physical throne. You have to become great donors and remember the Father. People insure themselves for their next birth; they donate in the name of God or in the name of Krishna. In fact, Krishna was already wealthy; he had already received the donation; he had claimed his inheritance from the Father. Since he became the prince of heaven, he must have claimed his inheritance from the One who established heaven. Nevertheless, how he claimed it does not enter anyone's intellect. It is the Father who gave Krishna his inheritance. The inheritance is also known as the donation. People donate their daughter (when she marries). The Father says: I have now come to give you the donation of the imperishable jewels of knowledge, and so arrangements have to be made for this. Even if it does incur expenditure, there is no harm in that. Children have seen visions here. Abraham, Buddha and Christ etc., all of those important souls, come at the end. Surely, they will hear this knowledge; only then could they claim their status. You children should become happy. The Christians have a lot of connection with Bharat. They took this kingdom and they are also giving the return of that. They . have to take great care of Bharat, because if Bharat were to be attacked, all the money invested by them would be lost. They have given a lot of money to Bharat and so all of their income from that would be lost. This is why they try to save Bharat in every possible way. They definitely need help. They also want a return. Therefore, they definitely have to look after Bharat. Baba knows that Bharat is poor and He therefore inspires those abroad to help and He also comes here to help. They are helping now and the Father gives help for the future. So, a very good marquee should be erected and all the Christians should be invited. There are very good pictures which contain the whole knowledge. Day by day, the lock on the intellects wiill continue to open. You know that such a huge part is recorded in such a tiny soul! Scientists too will be wonder-struck by these things. Scientists understand that someone is inspiring them. Destruction will definitely take place. This is fixed in the drama. Destruction has nothing to do with Shankar; they have just used his name. Natural calamities too will take place. They will be very happy when they hear these things. They will give you many thanks. Many foreigners will come. They will come to you while you sit at home, and so you must definitely donate to them. To us, all of them are poverty-stricken orphans. People of the whole world have become orphans because they do not have the introduction of the Mother and Father. You children are becoming the masters of the world, and so you should have the intoxication of service. Send them telegrams that say: Come and learn how the Father has come to take all souls back home. Souls become happy that the play is now truly coming to an end, the Baba has come to take us back and that we will then go to the land of happiness. For half cycle, as worshippers, we remembered the Father. We how have to become worthy of worship again. Therefore, you should be dancing and jumping with joy. By not having happiness you continue to weep. Those who weep, lose out. Yes, if you shed tears of love while in remembrance of the Father who gives you happiness, they are like the beads of a garland. Shrimat is the most elevated of all directions. This is a very elevated study. When people go on pilgrimages, they have to face many difficulties. Previously, they used to go on foot. The Government has now made it easy for them. Therefore, the Father says: Follow shrimat at every step. If you climb carefully, you will taste the nectar of heaven, but if you fall, you will be totally crushed. You should take advice at every step. Write a letter to Shiv Baba, through Brahma and the Brahma Kumaris and you will truly then remember Shiv Baba. However, many children forget to write this. Children should have a great deal of interest in doing service. You have to do a lot of service. This too is fixed in the drama. All the expenses will automatically be met. Everything will happen suddenly. The Father says: It is difficult for you to find even three feet of land. Nevertheless, you still made Bharat into heaven a cycle ago. Achcha, a great deal has been explained to you, but it also has to be imbibed. When you eat very rich food, it is difficult to digest it. Although many come to the exhibitions, none of them have the faith that the Father is the One who teaches you people Raja Yoga. First of all. Inspire them to have this faith. You can explain that you are the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris and Kumaris and that only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Creator. The inheritance can only be received from the Father. Until you become a child of the Father, you cannot received your inheritance. The Father is the One who gives the fruit to the devotees. There are so many Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumaris. Prajapita Brahma is also called a creator. Creation of the new world is now taking place. God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga. Achcha.