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29/11/13 (Night Class)
In order to be refreshed, people go to the mountains for fresh air. While at home or at the office, they remember their duties. By going outside, they become free from thoughts of their office. Children also come here in order to be refreshed. You have become tired from doing devotion for half a cycle. You receive knowledge at this auspicious confluence age. You become refreshed through knowledge and yoga. You understand that the old world is now to be destroyed and that the new world is being established. There is no annihilation. Those people think that the world will be totally destroyed, but that is not so; it simply changes. This is hell, the old world. You understand what the old world is and what the new world is. This has been explained to you in detail. All the details are in your intellects, but that also is numberwise, according to your efforts. You need a great deal of refinement in order to explain. Explain to others in such a way that it sits in their intellects instantly. Some children are weak and so they break down while moving along. There are also the versions of God: They become amazed, they listen to knowledge and tell others about this knowledge.... Here, there is a battle with Maya. They die from Maya and belong to God. Then, they die from God and belong to Maya. They are adopted and then they divorce Him. Maya is very powerful. She brings storms to many. You children also understand that there is victory and defeat. This play is one of victory and defeat. We have been defeated by the five vices. You are now making effort to gain victory over them. Ultimately, victory will be yours. Since you belong to the Father, you have to become firm. You can see how much temptation Maya gives you. Even by going into trance, the game often finishes. It is now in the intellects of you children that you have now completed the cycle of 84 births. You became deities, warriors, merchants and you have now become Brahmins from shudras. You become Brahmins and then deities. You should not forget this. If you forget this, you step backwards and your intellects become engaged in worldly matters. You are not even able to remember the murli etc. You experience the pilgrimage of remembrance to be difficult. This is a wonderl Some children are even too embarrassed to wear a badge. This is also body consciousness, is it not? You have to take insults. Krishna received so many insults. It is Shiv Baba who receives the most insults and then Krishna. Then it is Rama who receives the most insults. It is numberwise. Bharat has been defamed a great deal through these insults. You children should not be afraid of that. Achcha.