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11/12/13 (12/01/69 - Night Class)
You children are sitting in remembrance of the one Father. To stay in remembrance of the One is called unadulterated remembrance. If, while sitting here, you remember anyone else, that is called adulterated remembrance. To eat, drink and stay at home with someone while remembering someone else is cheating. Devotion too is unadulterated while you are worshipping Shiv Baba alone, and then to remember others is adulterated devotion. You children have now received knowledge. The one Father performs such wonders. He makes us into the masters of the world. So we should remember that One alone. Mine is One alone. However, children say that they forget to remember Shiv Baba. Wonderful! On the path of devotion, you used to say that you would worship only the One. He alone is the Purifier. No one else can be called the Purifier. Only the One is called this. He alone is the Highest on High. There is now no question of devotion. Children have knowledge. You have to remember the Ocean of Knowledge. On the path of devotion, they say: When You come, we will remember You alone. Therefore, you should remember those things. Each one of you should ask yourself: Am I remembering the one Father or am I remembering many friends and relatives? You have to attach your heart to the one Father. If your heart goes towards anyone else, it becomes adulterated remembrance. The Father says: Children, constantly remember Me alone. Then you will have deity relatives there. In the new world you will have all new relations. Therefore, you have to check: Whom am I remembering? The Father says: Remember Me, the parlokik Father. I alone am the Purifier. Try to remove your intellect's yoga from everyone else and remember the Father. The more you remember Him, the more your sins will be cut away. It isn't that however much I remember Baba. He will remember me to the same extent. The Father doesn't have to cut away any sins! You are now sitting here in order to become pure. Shiv Baba is also here. He doesn't have a body of His own; He has taken this one on loan. You have promised the Father: Baba, when You come, we will belong to You and become the masters of the new world. Continue to ask your heart. You know that the link of your intellect's yoga repeatedly breaks away from the Father. The Father knows that the link will be broken and that you will then remember Him and that the link will then break again. Children make effort number wise. If you stay in remembrance very well, you can come into this dynasty. Continue to check yourself. Keep a diary; where did my intellect's yoga go throughout the day? Then the Father will explain to you. The mind and intellect of the soul run everywhere. The Father says: When they run everywhere there is loss experienced. There is a lot of profit in remembering Me. There is only loss in everything else. You have to remember the one main One. You have to be cautious with yourself. There is profit at every step; there is loss at every step. For 84 births, you remembered bodily beings and experienced nothing but loss. Day by day, 5000 years have gone by and there has been loss all the time. Now stay in remembrance of the Father and experience profit. You have to churn the ocean of knowledge in this way and extract the jewels of knowledge. Stay in remembrance of the Father with concentration. Some children are worried about earning shells. Maya makes them think of their business etc. Wealthy ones have many thoughts. What can Baba do? Baba had such a good business. He didn't need to stumble around. When a businessman came, Baba would ask him: Are you a businessman or an agent? (history) While doing your business, you have to connect your intellect in yoga to the Father. The Iron Age is now ending and the golden age is coming. Impure ones will not go to the golden age. The more you remember Baba, the purer you will become. Through purity, there can be good drama. Impure ones can neither stay in remembrance nor have drama. According to their fortune some find time and make effort, whereas others don't have any time at all. They don't remember Baba at all. However much effort they made in the previous cycle, which is what they will do now. Each one has to make effort for the self. In earlier days, when there was a loss in business, they would say: It is the will of God! Now you say: It is the drama! Whatever happened in the previous cycle will happen again. It isn't that you have four hours of remembrance now, and so in the next cycle you will have more remembrance; no. You are given the teaching: If you make good effort now, you will make good effort every cycle. Therefore, check where your intellect goes. In wrestling, they have to be very careful. Achcha!