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The Father sits here and explains that all are travellers from the faraway land. All souls are residents of the supreme abode which is far, far away. This is also mentioned in the scriptures. Souls reside far away where the light of the sun or the moon doesn't exist. There isn't a drama in the incorporeal world or the subtle region. There is the drama of the corporeal world which is called the human world. There isn't a cycle of 84 births in the incorporeal world or in the subtle region. The cycle is shown in the human world. What is the human world and what are human beings made of? A human being is made of a soul and a body. A puppet (body) is created of the five elements and a soul enters that and plays his part. So, all are residents from the faraway land. However, you do have faith. Human beings don't have faith. The Father has explained: You call Me the Resident of the faraway land, but the residence of all of you souls is the same. Those who play a part in other plays all have their own homes. They come from there to perform their part. Here, you children understand that you are all children of the one Father and that you are all residents of the one home, the supreme abode. That is the great element of brahm and this is the element of the sky. You play a part here. There is also night and day and this is why there are the sun and moon. There is no day or night in the incorporeal world. The sun and moon are not deities; they are lights to light up the stage. The sun gives light during the day and there is moonlight at night. Now, all human beings want to go to the land of liberation. You know that God resides up above. When people remember God and say, "Oh Supreme Father, Supreme Soul!", their intellects go up above. You souls understand but there is ignorance everywhere. You know that you are not residents of this place. That One is our Father. They say: "Oh God, the Father!" with their mouth, and then they say, "All are the Father; God is omnipresent." It has been explained to you children that not all are the Father. All souls are brothers of one another. They continue to fight and quarrel among themselves because of not knowing this. You souls are brothers and have become children of the one Father. Those who have faith in the intellect are numberwise. ln a worldly relationship you always have the faith that you are going to receive your inheritance from your father. Here, Maya repeatedly turns your face away from the Father. You belong to the Almighty Authority Father and so Maya, too, as an almighty authority, fights with you. This is the war of gaining victory over the five vices. The war is very well known, but there is nothing like the Kauravas and Pandavas that they have shown in the scriptures. This war with Ravan is very fierce. We souls want to stay in remembrance of the Father and become complete and pure. There is no way other than yoga. All others who study yoga do not do that for observing purity. All of that is physical yoga for a temporary period whereas this is spiritual yoga for becoming ever pure. By having yoga with the Ocean of Purity we become pure. The Father says: Your sins of many births are burnt with this fire of yoga. Your intellect also says that this world is impure. Ask anyone if this is the golden age or the iron age. No one would call this the golden age. The golden age is in the new world. That is called the golden age and this is called the iron age. The old world is called the iron age and the new world is called the golden age. You cannot say that it is now the golden age as well as the iron age; no. A resident of hell means a resident of hell. The old world is called the impure world and the new world is called the pure world. This explanation is for human beings. Animals would not say: 0 Purifier, come! Ask anyone and he would say that this is hell. Bharat was the new world, heaven, and Bharat is now the old world, hell. Continue to emphasise Bharat. All others come in the middle period. We don't have any connection with them. Our religion which has now disappeared is separate. You have now become those who have faith in the intellect. You know that you are the children of the one Father. You receive self-sovereignty from the Father. First of all, you need to have this firm faith. You listen to knowledge and that is fine; subjects are created. However, you also have to have the faith that you are children of the unlimited Father. You understand that you were performing devotion in order to meet God. That devotion has now come to an end. God Himself has now come and met us. We receive the sun dynasty status of self-sovereignty from Him. We claim such a high status. Wealthy people adopt a child, and they only adopt one child, whereas, here, the unlimited Father wants innumerable children. He says: Those who become My children will receive the inheritance of heaven. Those who don't belong to Me cannot claim an inheritance. They don't even follow shrimat. Those who have faith say: Baba, You have come once again and we shall now never let go of Your hand. The Father explains to the children. Children then explain to others that they have become the children of the parlokik Father. We are following His shrimat. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching us. So many have become BKs and they definitely have faith and so why should we not become that too? You should write: 1 now belong to You, and send it to Baba. The Father would say: l am not far away. I am sitting here. I am present here. I am sitting here in a practical way. It is said of the President that he is present on this earth. It doesn't mean that the President is omnipresent. In the same way, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, cannot be omnipresent. Since not a single person remains unhappy in the absence of the Father (in heaven) how can human beings be so unhappy in His presence? The Father creates a nest for you children. Just as birds create a nest for their little ones, so the Father too creates a nest for you children. He has the nest made for you through you. The nest of heaven is being made for you to stay in. The Father says: If you follow My directions, you will rule in heaven. If you have firm faith, you will catch hold of this tightly. It isn't that you just have to sit here. You mustn't leave your home and family. Those people leave their homes and families. They consider their guru to be their god. They don't die alive. You have to die alive and then live in the golden age. You are claiming your unlimited inheritance from the Father. You have faith that the unlimited Father is teaching you and giving you an inheritance for 21 births, and so you should follow His directions. When you become a child of the Father He gives directions. First of all, sit in a bhatthi for a week. You will continue to receive knowledge every day. Not everyone understands to the same extent. Each one receives according to his or her efforts and fortune. Everything depends on your efforts and fortune. You can tell what is in your fortune and what status you will claim. After belonging to the Father, you still have to live at home with your family. Achcha, if you don't have a household, then become a stick for the blind. You definitely have to go to relate the story of the true Narayan. Look, daughter Prem has gone on service. Those who invited her held a campaign and introduced her to many others and they were quite impressed. However, the Father says: Not a single one of them has the faith in the intellect that it is the unlimited Father who is teaching all of you and that it is from Him that you receive then inheritance for 21 births. They do become impressed, but they don't have the faith that it truly is the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, who is teaching you. Yes, they say that this is very good, but, as soon as they go outside, everything ends. Hardly anyone makes this effort. Although they have spiritual gatherings among themselves, those who gather together don't have that faith in the intellect. They are called half-castes. There is faith and doubt. One minute, they say that the Father is teaching them, and the next minute they ask: How is this possible? Yes, i t is good to become pure, but it is very difficult to remain pure. First of all, there has to be faith and they should write with that happiness inside them. Those who are free from bondage never write such letters as the gopikas who are in bondage do. Baba writes: You haven't made even one person have faith in the intellect. Yes, you have created ordinary subjects but you haven't created heirs. Not a single person has become one with faith in the intellect. Only those who have faith in the intellect become heirs. Although some do have faith in the intellect, they don't take knowledge and so they go to that dynasty and become maids and servants. As you progress further, you will receive accurate visions. You will also know which number maids and servants you will become. Then, there will be great repentance. "I did not follow shrimat and that is why I have reached this condition. Nevertheless, in every situation, it would be said to be the drama. This one has this part in the drama for cycle after cycle. You will definitely have visions. The result has to be announced at the end. Then it would be said to be destiny. This was in my fortune. The result of your study will be announced. This is a very high school. The One who is teaching is only the One. There is only the one study and only the one examination. The Teacher knows what the students are like. Everyone continues to gallop. As you progress further, you will come to know a great deal. You will repeatedly go into trance just as you used to in the beginning. You continue to understand and the Father continues to explain. You make mistakes by not following shrimat. By moving along in that way, you develop that habit. You may ask: Shiv Baba, am I following Your shrimat? Baba would tell you: You are not following and this is why your fortune is seen to be as it is. It is understood that you have bad omens at the moment. However, when you make more progress, they will be removed. Some fall into a slight intoxication of lust. Bharat was pure and elevated and it is now corrupt. There is praise of those elevated deities. The Father says: This is the devilish community. I have come to establish the deity community. This deity religion is the highest of all. The Father alone is the Purifier, but people don't understand anything. All of those who come to establish a religion are definitely pure. In every situation, there are the good and the bad. There are those with less fortune and those with good fortune. This kingdom of Ravan is now to end. This city of Ravan has to be set on fire. You, Rama's army, are sitting here. Those who belong to this religion will continue to understand. You understand numberwise. Some are shot with just one arrow like King Janak and they surrender. They never make excuses. Excuses don't work here. However, there are also many storms of Maya. She makes you forget your own clan, and that you are the children of God. Therefore, you children have to become very sweet. There mustn't be the slightest intoxication of lust. Lust is the greatest enemy. This is the most important examination. Baba says: Children, live together and remain pure and demonstrate this. The Father knows the stage of the children. Those who have faith in the intellect give their news to the Father: Baba, I remember You and I am also doing service. Only when they write their service news do I have faith in them. It is only when they give the proof of service that Baba feels great hope for them. Then it should also be understood that Baba is alone and that there are many of us children. Don't think that Baba has to respond to you every day; no. The Father is the Lord of the Poor. Donations are given to the poor. This land of Bharat is poor. From being wealthy Bharat has become poor. No one knows this. This Bharat is the imperishable land where God incarnates. Bharat was the Golden Sparrow, that is, it was the treasure-store of all happiness, and we are all making effort to go to that land of happiness. Achcha.