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This song is also a scripture for you. The Gita is the jewel of all scriptures. All the scriptures including the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shiva Purana, Vedas, Upanishads etc. have emerged from this. It is a wonder! People say that you play songs from films and that you don't have any scriptures. We say that whatever meaning is extracted from these records, the essence of the Vedas and the Granth etc. also emerge from them. (The song was played). This is Mama's praise. There are many mothers, but the main one is Jagadamba. This Jagadamba opens the gate to heaven. Then she herself first becomes the master of the world, and so you children are also definitely with the mother. There is the praise of that One: You are the Mother and Father. It is Shiv Baba who is called the Mother and Father. In Bharat, there is Jagadamba and Jagadpita. However, Brahma is not mentioned as much, nor are there as many temples to him. There is a temple to Brahma in Ajmer, which is very well known. Brahmin priests also live there. There are two types of brahmin: Sarasidh and Pushkarni. Those who live in Pushkar are called Pushkarni. However, those brahmins do not know this. They say that they are the mouth-born progeny. The name "Jagadamba" is very well known. People do not know as much about Brab. ma. If someone receives a lot of wealth, he believes that he has the blessings of the sages and saints. He does not consider that to be a blessing from God. The Father says: No one, apart from Me, can give blessings. I even praise the sannyasis. I f those sannyasis did not remain pure, Bharat would have burnt to death. However, the Bestower of Salvation is only the one Father. Human beings cannot grant salvation to human beings. Baba has explained that all of you are the Sitas in the cottage of sorrow. There is pain experienced in sorrow. Why would there not be an experience of sorrow when you have an illness? If you fall ill, you would definitely wonder: When will I get better? It is not that you want to remain ill all the time. You make effort to get better. Otherwise, why would you take medicine etc? Now, the Father says: I liberate you from this illness and sorrow etc. and give you the prize. Maya, Ravan has caused you sorrow. I am called the Creator of the world. Everyone asks: Did God create this world to cause sorrow? However, they would not say that in heaven. There is sorrow here, and this is why people ask: Why would God want to create a world of sorrow? Did He not have anything else to do? However, the Father says: This play of happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat has been created. The play of Rama and Ravan is based on Bharat. Bharat is defeated by Ravan and it then becomes victorious over Ravan and belongs to Rama. Shiv Baba is called Rama. You have to mention the names of Rama and Shiva in order to explain. Shiv Baba is the Master, that is, the Lord of the children. He makes you into the masters of heaven. The inheritance of the Father is the attainment of heaven and there is status within that. Only deities reside in heaven. Achcha, now listen to the praise of the One who creates heaven. (Line from the song) Jagadamba is the bestower of fortune for Bharat. No one knows her. Many people go to the Ambaji Temple. This Baba has also been there many times. He must have gone to the Babulnath and Lakshmi and Narayan Temples many times, but he did not know anything. He was so senseless! Now I have made him so sensible. The title of Jagadamba is so great: The bestower of fortune for Bharat. You should now go to the Ambaji Temple and do service. You should relate the story of Jagadamba's 84 births. In fact, there are many temples. No one would accept this picture of Mama. Achcha, explain using the image of that Amba and take this song with you. This song is the true Gita for you. There is a lot of service to do but the children who do service have to have honesty. You can take this song to the Jagadamba Temple and explain to them. Jagadamba is also a kumari, a Brahmin. Why has Jagadamba been portrayed with so many arms? Because she has many children who are helpers. This is the Shakti Army. Therefore, they have portrayed her image with many arms. Look at the types of bodies that they show! To show arms as a symbol is easy and it seems right. What would the form be like if they were to show as many legs? Brahma too has been shown with many arms. All of you are his children. Not all of those arms could be shown. Therefore, you kumaris and mothers should become engaged in service. You should create your own fortune. If you go to the Amba Temple and praise this song, so many would go there. You would glorify Baba's name to such an extent that not even the older Brahma Kumaris could glorify i t as much. You little kumaris can perform wonders. Baba is not saying this to just one, but to all the kumaris. Thousands will come and fall at your feet. Not as many would fall at their feet as would fall at your feet. You have to let go of the opinions of society for this. You have to destroy all attachment completely. Some would say: I don't want to get married at all. I will remain pure and do the service of making Bharat into heaven. Half-kumaris would still have a flaw. As soon as a kumari gets engaged, flaws would start to develop in her. She would be coloured by colourful Maya. Human beings can become whatever they want in this birth. Mama also became as she is in this birth. Those people receive a temporary status, whereas Mama receives a status for 21 births. You too are becoming Narayan from an ordinary man and Lakshmi from an ordinary woman. When you pass fully, you will take a divine birth. They experience temporary happiness, but they also have so many worries in that. We are incognito. We do not have to show anything externally. Those people have external show. That kingdom is like a mirage. It says in the scriptures that Draupadi told someone: The child of a blind person is blind. What you consider to be a kingdom at this time is about to be destroyed. Rivers of blood will flow. I n Pakistan when there was partition there was so much fighting in every home. Now, there will be a lot of fighting even while walking on the streets. So much blood flows everywhere. Can this be called heaven? Is this New Delhi and New Bharat? New Bharat was the land of angels. At this time, the vices are seen everywhere; they are your greatest enemy. The births of Rama and Ravan are only shown in Bharat. The birth of Shiva is not celebrated in foreign lands. It is only celebrated here. You know when Ravan comes. When the day ends and the night begins, Ravan comes, and that is called the path of sin. It is shown what state the deities reached when they went on to the path of sin. You children should do service. Those who have awakened will awaken others. Baba always has good wishes. He is concerned that Maya doesn't slap the children. You will not be able to do service if you fall ill. It is Jagadamba, not Lakshmi, who receives the urn of knowledge. Lakshmi was given wealth, which she could donate. However, there are no donations etc. there. Donations are always given to the poor. So, if the kumaris go to the temples and do service in this way, many would come. People would say: "Well done!" to you and fall at your feet. They also have regard for the mothers. When the mothers hear this, they become cheerful. Men have their own intoxication. Baba has explained: This corporeal one is the one who knows the external things. The Lord who resides in him is the Lord of Lords. Krishna is called Lord Krishna. We say that Krishna's Lord of Lords is the Supreme Soul. He has been given this building (Brahma). Therefore, this one is both the landlady and the landlord. This one is male as well as female. It is a wonder! Bhog is being offered. Achcha, give everyone's love and remembrance to Baba. Greetings and salutations are sent with great happiness to the Great Master. This is a system. Just as in the beginning, you used to have visions, so Baba will entertain you in the same way a great deal at the end too. Many children will come to Abu. Those who are here will see what takes place. Achcha.