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The spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children, that is, to you souls. People say that the Supreme Soul has responsibility for souls and that He alone can show all souls the way to make progress and have peace of mind. The soul resides in the centre of the forehead, detached from everything else. Generally, there is disease in the rest of the body, not in the forehead. Although you may have a headache, there would be no difficulty where the throne of the soul is because the soul is seated on that throne. There is only the one Supreme Soul who is the Surgeon who makes the soul progress and gives you peace of mind. Only when the soul progresses can the soul receive health and wealth. No matter how much you do to your body, there will be no progress through that. There continues to be one or another conflict of the body. No one, apart from the Father, can bring about advancement of the soul. All others in the world find ways for advancement of the body, but they have no advancement or ascending stage for the soul. Only the Father teaches you that. Everything depends on the soul. It is the soul that becomes 16 celestial degrees full, and then it is the soul that becomes totally empty of degrees. The soul becomes 16 celestial degrees full. Only the Father explains to you how the degrees of the soul decrease. The Father says: You had a lot of happiness in the golden age. The soul had been in the ascending stage. At other spiritual gatherings, they don't explain how the soul can advance. They stay in physical intoxication. They are body conscious whereas the Father is making you soul conscious. Souls that have become tamopradhan have to be made satopradhan. Here, everything is spiritual, whereas there, everything is physical. Surgeons transplant hearts. That has no connection with the soul. Souls reside in the centre of the forehead. They don't have an operation etc. Achcha. The Father explains that the soul only progresses once. When souls become tamopradhan, the Father who brings about progress for souls comes. Without Him, no soul can go into the ascending stage. The Father says: Those dirty tamopradhan souls cannot come to Me. When people come to you, they ask you how there can be peace or how there can be progress. However, they don't know where they will go after there has been progress or what will happen. They call out: Come and make the impure ones pure. Come and take us to the land of liberation-in-life. So, He would take souls back with Him. The bodies would be destroyed here. However, these things are not in anyone's intellect. These are God's directions. All the rest are the dictates of human beings. Through following God's directions, you reach the sky; you reach the land of peace and the land of happiness. Then, according to the drama, you also have to come down. There is no Surgeon, apart from the Father, who can make souls progress. The Surgeon then makes you the same as Himself. Some bring about very good progress in others, some to the medium level and some bring about the third level of progress in others. Only the one Father is responsible for the progress of souls. No one in the world knows this. The Father says: I come to uplift those sages etc. When souls first come down, they are pure. The Father has now come to bring about progress in everyone. Look, you are continuing to progress, numberwise, according to the effort you make. There, you will receive first-class bodies. The Father is the imperishable Surgeon. He alone comes and brings about progress for you. So you will then go to your highest-on-high sweet home. Those people go to the moon. In order for you to make progress, the imperishable Surgeon says: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. The Father liberates the children of the world. When you go to heaven, all the rest will be in the land of peace. The Father carries out such a wonderful task. It is the wonder of the Father! This is why it is said: Only You know Your ways and means. The directions are given to souls. If a soul were to become separated, he could not receive directions. There is the ascending stage through God's directions and the descending stage through human dictates: this is also fixed in the drama. Those people think that it is heaven now. As you progress further, you will know whether this is hell or heaven. They create so much upheaval over language. They are unhappy. There is no sorrow in heaven. There won't even be earthquakes. The old world is now to be destroyed and heaven will be created. Then, after half a cycle, even that will disappear. They say that Dwaraka sunk beneath the ocean. Things of gold have become buried down below. They would surely go down below in earthquakes. They do not dig beneath the ocean and bring them out. When they dig beneath the ground, they find treasures there. The Father says: I uplift everyone. Then everyone defames and insults Me. I even uplift those who defame Me. So, there should definitely be praise of Me. Look how much respect they have on the path of devotion. You children too praise the Father so much; you have shown 32 virtues in the poster. You are now becoming as virtuous as the Father, and so you should also make as much effort. You shouldn't waste your time. The highest of all Father is teaching you and so you should study daily. That One is the imperishable Father and also the Teacher. Those who have come later are going ahead of the older ones. The whole world is now making progress through the Father. It was the Father who made Shri Krishna virtuous. He is the One who gives to everyone; all others take. This dynasty is being created, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Look how sweet and lovely the unlimited Father is! All of you are now making progress through the highest-on-high Father. Everyone else has to come down the ladder. It is a wonder of the Father! You may eat, drink and do whatever else you do, but simply sing praise of the Father. It isn't that by staying in remembrance of Baba you are unable to eat. You have a lot of time available at night. You have at least eight hours. The Father says: At least do a minimum of eight hours service for this Government. Show anyone who comes here the way for the soul to progress. Liberation-in-life means to be a master of the world and liberation means to be a master of Brahmand. It is easy to explain this. However, if it is not in the fortune of some, what effort would they make? The Father explains: The rust on the soul cannot be removed without having remembrance of the Father. Even though you might give knowledge throughout the whole day, the soul cannot progress without having remembrance. The Father explains to you children every day with a lot of love, but each one of you can understand for yourself whether you are progressing or not. It isn't just you children here who are listening to this, but children at all the centres hear this. This tape machine is kept here. It records the sound on itself and goes on service; it does a lot of service. When they hear it through you, it becomes indirect and then they come here to listen to it directly. Baba speaks it through the mouth of Brahma, that is, He gives the nectar of knowledge through the mouth. At this time, the world has become tamopradhan and so it needs to have the rain of knowledge on it. There is a lot of rain water. No one can become pure through that water. All of this is a matter of knowledge. The Father says: Now wake up! I am taking you to the land of peace. There is progress for you souls in this. All the rest are physical things. Only you listen to spiritual things. Only you become multimillionaires and fortunate. The Father is the Lord of the Poor. Only the poor hear this. This is why the Father says: Give this knowledge to those who have stone intellects and those who are without virtues. Such things do not exist in the golden age. That is the unlimited Shivalaya. It is now the unlimited brothel; it is completely tamopradhan. There is no more margin for it. This impure world now has to change. There is the kingdom of Rama and the kingdom of Ravan in Bharat. When there are innumerable religions, there is peacelessness. War continues to take place all the time. War is now to take place with great force. A very strong war will take place and then it will end because the kingdom will have been established and you will have reached your karmateet stage. No one can tell. When that stage comes, the study will end. You will then be transferred according to the effort you made. This haystack will catch fire and destruction will take place instantly. That is said to be bloodshed without cause; everyone will die unnecessarily. Rivers of blood will flow. Then rivers of ghee and milk will flow. After the cries of distress, there will be cries of victory. All the rest will die while sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. Establishment bas to take place very tactfully. There will also be obstacles and assaults. The gates of heaven are opening through the mothers. There are also many men, but, because women give birth, they receive a greater reward than the men. Everyone will go to heaven, numberwise. Some can still take birth as a male twice consecutively. Whatever account is fixed in the drama will take place. When there is progress of the soul, there is so much difference. Some become the very highest and some become the very lowest. There is a vast difference between the kings and the subjects. The Father explains to you sweetest children: Now make effort. Become pure through yoga and then dharna can take place. The destination is very high. You have to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father with a lot of love. Souls love the Supreme Soul. This is spiritual love through which souls make progress. Souls fall through physical love. When some don't have it in their fortune, they become those who run away. The sacrificial fire (yagya) has to be looked after. The sacrificial fire (yagya) is being served with every penny of the mothers. Here, it is the poor who then become wealthy. Everything depends on the study. You are now becoming those who have the fortune of being wed. All of you have this feeling. Those who are to become beads of the rosary need to have such a good feeling. Continue to remember Shiv Baba and do service and there can be a lot of progress. To have that intoxication throughout the day is not like going to your aunty's home! You have to check how much progress you have made. Baba says: Do not remember the past and don't have any expectations of the future. You have to perform actions for your livelihood. Whatever time you have, remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. Baba even explains to those who are in bondage: You have to explain to your husband with a lot of humility and love. If he beats you, you have to shower him with flowers. You need great tact in order to save yourself. Your eyes need to be very cool; they must never fluctuate. There is the example of Angad in this. He was completely unshakeable. All of you are mahavirs. Whatever has happened in the past, you mustn't remember it. Always remain cheerful. Remain firm on the drama. The Father Himself says: I too am bound by the bondage of the drama. There is nothing else to it. It is written of Krishna that he killed devils with the discus of self-realisation. All of those are stories. The Father cannot commit violence. That Father is also the Teacher. There is no question of Him killing anyone. All of those things refer to the present time. On one side, there are many human beings and on the other side, there are you. Those who want to come will continue to come; they will continue to receive their status as they did in the previous cycle. There is no question of a miracle in this. The Father is merciful. He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Therefore, how could He cause sorrow? Achcha.