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The Father sits here and explains to you children because only you children know the Father. Children are children. All of you children are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You know that Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are brothers and sisters; you are all children of the one father. Therefore, you have to explain that, in reality, we souls are brothers and sisters. All (souls) are brothers. Here, you understand that you are the children of the one Grandfather and father: you are the grandchildren of Shiv Baba and the children of Brahma. Therefore, her relationship also becomes that. A physical brother and sister do not have impure vision for one another. Nowadays, everyone has become dirty, because this world has become dirty. You children understand that you are now Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You have become adopted children through Brahma; therefore, you are brothers and sisters. You have to explain that there are two types of renunciation. Renunciation means to remain pure, to renounce the five vices. Those others are hatha yogi sannyasis; their department is separate. They break all ties with those on the family path. They are called hatha yogi sannyasis, renunciates of action. It has been explained to you children that, while staying at home with your families, you have to renounce the consciousness of your bodies and bodily relations and remember the Father. They leave their homes and businesses. They do not keep any connections with their maternal uncles or paternal uncles. They believe that there is only one thing for them, that one thing alone must be remembered and that their light will merge into that light, that they have to return to the land of nirvana. Their department is separate and their costume is also separate. They say that women are the gateway to hell, that fire and cotton wool cannot stay together, that only by living separately can they protect themselves. According to the drama, their religion is separate. Shankaracharya created that religion. He taught hatha yoga and the renunciation of action, not Raja Yoga. You understand that the drama is predestined. This is also numberwise; not everyone can be 100% sensible. It is said that some are 100% sensible and some are 100% non-sensible. This will happen. The law says that there should not be any dirty attitude. A brother and sister can never marry. If there is something going on at home between a brother and sister, and their father sees that their activity is dirty, he would be very concerned. Where have they come from that they cause so much damage? He would scold them a great deal. Previously, everyone would be very cautious about these things. Now everyone is 100% tamopradhan. The force of Maya is very strong. Maya just fights the children of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The Father says: These are My children. I am taking them to heaven. Maya says: No, these children are mine! I am going to take them to hell. Here, you are in the hands of the Father, Dharamraj. Those who live at home with their families and remain pure should explain very clearly to others how they remain pure while living together. The Father is inspiring you to carry out the task that the hatha yogi sannyasis cannot. Sannyasis cannot teach Raja Yoga. However, sannyasis belong to the path of isolation and cannot teach Raja Yoga. When those of you who remain pure while living at home explain knowledge to others, your arrow will strike the target very well. Baba read in the newspapers that there is a conference being held in Delhi about trees. You should ask them that, as well as being concerned about those wild trees, whether they are ever concerned about the genealogical tree, as to how the human world tree emerged and how it is sustained. As yet, the intellects of you children have not become that broad: you are not paying that much attention. There is one sickness or another. Even in a physical home, a brother and sister never have dirty thoughts about one another. Here, all of you are children of the one Father; you are brothers and sisters, Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. If dirty thoughts do come, what would be said about them? They would be considered to be a thousand times dirtier than those who live in hell. You children have a great responsibility. Those who live at home with their families have to make a great deal of effort to remain pure. No one in the world knows these aspects. The Father comes to purify you. Therefore, you children definitely make a promise and tie a rakhi. There is great effort in this. To get married and yet remain pure is a very steep destination. The intellect should not be pulled even slightly. When people get married, they become impure. The Father comes and saves you from being stripped. The story of Draupadi has also been written in the scriptures. There is definitely some significance in those things. All of those scriptures etc. are fixed in the drama. Everything that passes in the drama is predestined and it definitely has to repeat. The path of knowledge and the path of devotion are both fixed. Your intellects have now become very broad. As is the intellect of the unlimited Father, so should be the intellects of the special children who follow shrimat. There are countless children. Who knows how many more there will be? Until they become Brahmins, they cannot claim their inheritance. You now belong to the clan of Brahma and you will later belong to the sun dynasty, that is, to the Vishnu dynasty. You now belong to the clan of Shiva. Shiva is Dada {Grandfather) and Brahma is Baba. There is only the one Father of Humanity of all the people. It must be Brahma. Brahma and Saraswati are considered to be the new ones. A broad intellect is needed to understand this. It is souls that say: Oh God the Father! Oh Supreme God the Father! It is souls who say this, and so He must be the Creator of all, the Highest on High. Then, down here in this human world, who would be considered to be the highest? The Father of Humanity. Anyone can understand that Brahma is the main one in this human world tree. Shiva is the Father of souls and Brahma can be called the creator of human beings. However, under whose directions does he accomplish this? The Father says: I adopt Brahma. So, where would the new Brahma come from? I enter the body of this one during the final birth of his many births and name him Prajapita Brahma. You now understand that you are definitely the children of Brahma. We are taking knowledge from Shiv Baba. We have come to receive purity, happiness, peace, health and wealth from the Father. We used to be constantly happy in Bharat. Now, we are no longer that. The Father is once again giving us that inheritance. You children understand that purity is first. On whom is a rakhi tied? Those who have become impure make a promise that they will definitely remain pure. The Father explains that this destination is very high. It should first be explained to a married couple about how we live in the consciousness of being brothers and sisters. Yes, it does take time to make this stage firm. Children write that many storms of Maya come. Therefore, it is good if those children who live at home and remain pure give lectures, because this is something new. This is self-sovereign yoga. There is also renunciation in this. While living at home with your family, you want to receive liberation-in-life, that is, salvation. Here, there is bondage-in-life. Your status is that of self-sovereignty. The self wants sovereignty. The soul says: I was a king, I was a queen, and now I have become vicious and poverty-stricken. I have no virtues. It is the soul that says this. Therefore, you have to consider yourself to be a soul, a child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. We souls are brothers, so there should be a great deal of love between us. We are making the whole world lovely. In the kingdom of Rama, the lion and the lamb used to drink water from the same pool; no one ever used to fight. So, how much love should there be between you children? This stage will be reached gradually. Many fight a lot. They fight in Parliament', they even throw chairs at one another! That is a devilish gathering. This is your Godly gathering and so how much intoxication should you have? However, this is a school. In a school, some go ahead in their studies and some fall behind. This school is wonderful. There, the teachers and the schools are separate, whereas here, there is one school and one Teacher. The Soul adopts a body and teaches. He teaches souls. We souls are studying through our bodies. You have to become soul conscious to this extent. We are souls and that One is the Supreme Soul. This should race around in your intellects throughout the whole day. It is due to body consciousness that you make mistakes. The Father tells you again and again: May you be soul conscious! By becoming body conscious, you are attacked by Maya. This climb is very steep. You have to chum the ocean of knowledge so much! It is at night that you can chum the ocean of knowledge. By churning the ocean of knowledge in this way, you will gradually become like the Father. You children have to keep the whole of this knowledge in your intellects. Stay at home with your families and study Raja Yoga. It is all the work of the intellects, it is the intellect that imbibes these things. There is a lot of effort involved for those who live at home with their families. Nowadays, because of being tamopradhan, people have become very dirty. Maya has destroyed everyone. She has chewed everyone up and completely eaten them. The Father comes and removes you from the stomach of Maya, the alligator. It is very difficult to remove you from there. Those who live at home with their families have to show their sparkle. You should explain: Ours is Raja Yoga. Why are we called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris? You have to understand and explain this riddle and tell them: In fact, you too are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Prajapita Brahma creates the new world. The new world is created through the New Man. In fact, the first child of the golden age should be called the new one. This is an aspect of great happiness. There, bugles of happiness will be played. There, both the soul and the body remain pure. This new man is not pure. He (Baba) sits in this old one and makes him new. He makes old things new. Now, who can be called the new manl Should Brahma be called this? The intellect works on this. The new man is Shri Krishna and later he becomes the old man Brahma. I am now once again making this old man Brahma into that new man. A new man is needed for the new world. Where would he come from? The new man is the prince of the golden age. He is known as the beautiful one. This one is ugly; he is not a new man. The same Shri Krishna who takes 84 births is now in his final birth and has been adopted by Baba. He makes old things new. These are such deep things to understand. The new become old and the old become new. The ugly one becomes beautiful and then the beautiful one becomes ugly. The one who is the oldest of all is now becoming the newest of all. You understand that Baba rejuvenates you and makes you new. These aspects have to be understood. You also have to create your own stage. Kumars and kumaris are pure anyway. However, those who live at home with their families have to live like a lotus flower and also become spinners of the discus of self-realization. The clan of Vishnu does not have the knowledge of being trikaldarshi. The old man is trikaldarshi. These are such tricky aspects. It is the old man who takes knowledge and becomes the new man. The Father sits here and explains: That is hatha yoga and this is Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga means to claim the kingdom of heaven. Sannyasis say that happiness is like the droppings of a crow; they dislike it. The Father says: Women are the gateway to heaven. I place the urn of knowledge on you mothers. This sound should be very loud. Achcha.