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You children heard the song. They call out to God, the Father, not Krishna. They say to the Father: Come and once again change the land of Kans into the land of Krishna. They would not call Krishna. The land of Krishna is called heaven. No one knows this because they have taken Krishna into the copper age. All of these mistakes have been made in the scriptures. The Father is now explaining things accurately to you. In fact, the Senior One of the whole world is God, the Father. Everyone has to remember that one God. People remember Christ, Buddha or the deities. Those of every religion remember the one who established their religion. It was in the copper age that remembrance began. In Bharat, it is remembered that everyone remembers God at the time of sorrow and that no one remembers Him at the time of happiness. It is later that, because of sorrow, the system of remembrance begins. It was the people of Bharat who first of all began remembrance. Seeing them, those of other religions began to remember the founders of their religions. The Father too is someone who establishes a religion. However, people have forgotten the Father and inserted Shri name. You must neither remember Lakshmi and Narayan nor Krishna. You have to remember the one Father who is establishing the original eternal deity religion. Later, when they begin to worship Shiva on the path of devotion, they believe that the God of the Gita is Krishna; they remember him. Seeing them, others also begin to remember the founders of their religions. They forget that it was God who established that deity religion. We can write that the Sermoniser of the Gita is not Krishna, but Shiv Baba. He is incorporeal. So this is something wonderful, is it not? No one has the introduction of Shiv Baba. He is a star. Everywhere, in all the Shiva Temples, they think that He has a big form, that He is the constant element of light. However, He resides in the great element of light where souls reside. The form of souls is truly like a star. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is also a star, but, because He is knowledge-full and the Seed, He has that power. The Supreme Soul is called the Father of souls. He is incorporeal. Human beings cannot be called the Ocean of Knowledge or the Ocean of Love. This is why the children who explain knowledge should have that authority in them and their intellects have to be broad and unlimited. Amongst all of you, Mama is the main one. It is remembered: Salutations to the mothers. The arrows were made to be shot by the kumaris. Nowhere else do they have the secret of the half kumaris and the kumaris. This is proved just by the temple here. The Father says: I tell you the secrets of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation through the lotus-mouth of Brahma. It should enter the intellects of people what is in the drama. This is an unlimited drama. We are actors of this drama and so the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama should remain in our intellects. Those who have this in their intellects have a lot of intoxication. Throughout the day, after you have done everything for the livelihood of your body, sit down at night and remember how this drama rotates. This is manmanabhav. The secrets of the drama should remain in the intellects of the actors. However, this is very difficult; they become trapped somewhere or other and so their intellects get locked by Baba. The destination is very high. Those who study well ask for a good salary. This too is a study, but, as soon as you go outside, you forget and then begin to follow the dictates of your own minds. The Father says: Sweet children, only in following shrimat is there benefit for you. This world is impure. The vice which the sannyasis renounce is called poison. The kingdom of Ravan begins in the copper age. The Vedas and scriptures etc. are all the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. If you follow shrimat, you can also imbibe knowledge. You children know that destruction is just ahead. Everyone will be unhappy and will cry out: O God, have mercy! At the time of crying out in distress, they will remember God. They used to remember God so much at the time of the partition: O God, have mercy! Protect us! How would He protect you? The Father explains: Do service in such and such a way. You receive this shrimat from the Father. It is such a wonder that they are unable to recognise such a Father. These matters have to be understood. Let the remembrance of Shiv Baba be in your intellects throughout the whole day. This one is His chariot and companion. Their stage falls when storms of Maya come, and so what can Baba do about that? You came into knowledge and surrendered yourselves and so you are trustees. Why do you worry? You have surrendered yourselves and you also have to do service and you will then receive the return. You have to do the service of making human beings become like diamonds. Those who study well are given very high regard whereas those who fail will go and become maids and servants. The Ocean of Knowledge says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Krishna cannot say this. Only the Father says: Constantly remember Me alone and remember your future royal status. This is Raja Yoga. The family path is proved through this. Only you can explain this. Amongst you too, those who are clever and serviceable are invited. It is understood when someone is a clever hand. Children have to be yogyukt. If you deceive Him, there has to be punishment. The Tribunal also sits. Achcha.