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When it is the time of destruction, some people are definitely saved. The army of Ravan cry out. Among you children too, those who are especially loved are the ones who are worthy to watch destruction. They are the ones with courage. For example, it is shown of Angad that he remained completely stable. No one, apart from you children, can watch destruction. There is so much distress. You will continue to see all of that in front of you. There will continue to be cries of distress. The whole rosary is of Hanuman and the mahavirs. There is the rosary of Rudraksh. The rosary of God Rudra is called the rosary of Rudra. A Rudraksh bead is very valuable. Amongst Rudraksh beads, some are real and others are artificial. The same type of rosary can be bought for either a hundred rupees or two rupees. It is the same with everything. The Father makes you become like diamonds, and, in comparison to that, everyone else is artificial. In front of God, the Truth, everyone else is false and not worth a penny. There is a saying: Darkness cannot remain hidden in front of the sun. That One is the Sun of Knowledge. Ignorance cannot remain hidden in front of Him. You are receiving the truth from the true Father. You know that whatever people say about God, the Father, the Truth, is all lies. You now explain that the God of the Gita is Shiva and not Shri Krishna, the deity with divine virtues. It is now the confluence age and then there will definitely be the golden age. The Shri Krishna soul is now receiving knowledge. People think that he gives knowledge. There is so much difference. That One is the Father and this one is the child. They have made the Father completely disappear and have inserted the name of the child. As you progress further, the truth will eventually emerge. This is the first and foremost thing. Why have people considered God to be omnipresent? Because they have inserted name in the Gita. You know these things. Shri Krishna and the deity souls have completed their 84 births. It is sung: Souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. We are the first ones to become separated. The rest of the souls stay with Baba up there. No one understands the meaning of this. Among you, too, there are scarcely any who are able to explain these things accurately. It is body consciousness that makes you cry a great deal. Only those who are soul conscious will make very good effort and they are also able to imbibe everything very well. This is why it is said\ Follow the Father. The Father also comes to act. Both are the Father. You cannot tell which Father is saying something because both Bap and Dada are in this body. You have to follow the One who comes to act. The Father explains: Children, become soul conscious! Those who are not yogis are unable to imbibe anything. Honesty is required here. You have to follow Him fully. Whatever you hear, imbibe that, and then continue to explain to others. You have to remain fearless. You have to remain firm on the drama. When any calamities come, it is understood that they are fixed in the drama. You overcame difficulties before. All of you are mahavirs, are you not? Your name is glorified. Eight are very good mahavirs and then there are 108 a little less than them, and then 16,000 a little less than them. You definitely have to become that. This kingdom was also established in the previous cycle, and so it has to happen now. Many develop doubts and then leave. If they had faith, they would not divorce such a Father. You turn your face completely away and so you become completely useless. I am unable to follow shrimat. In that case, how will you become elevated? Shrimat is from God. So you should also write this slogan: The Incorporeal, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, God Shiva, the Teacher, speaks: Mothers are the gateway to heaven. These points should enter your intellects for you to explain. All students would definitely be numberwise. They are playing their parts in the drama. We remember Him at the time of sorrow. The Father lives in the faraway land. We souls remember Him. Everyone remembers Him at the time of sorrow but not a single person remembers Him in happiness. It is now the world of sorrow, is it not? It is very easy to explain this. First of all, you have to explain that the Father is the One who establishes heaven, and so why should we not receive the sovereignty of heaven? You know that not everyone will receive an inheritance. If everyone were to come to heaven, there would be no hell. How could there then be expansion? It is remembered that Bharat is the imperishable land, that is, it is the birthplace of the eternal Father. Bharat itself was heaven. We say with happiness: There was heaven 5000 years ago. There definitely are the pictures of the masters of heaven. They say that 3000 years before Christ, Bharat used to be heaven. The sun and moon dynasties definitely existed in Bharat. There are also their images. It is so easy! This knowledge works on your intellects. The soul of Baba had this knowledge in Him and so He made us souls imbibe it. He alone is the knowledge-full One. He says: I teach you Raja Yoga through this Prajapita Brahma and he then becomes the king of kings. This knowledge will then disappear. You are now once again receiving knowledge. You children now have to issue a challenge. Very good, first-class intellects are needed for this. Baba never keeps anything first class for himself. He would say: All of these buildings that have been built are for the children to live in. Otherwise, where would the children come and stay? One day, all the buildings will belong to us. They have made many into God. In practice, that One is the only One. You understand how much of a crowd there will be. There is a lot of blind faith in the world. When fairs take place, there is such a crowd there. Sometimes, they even fight among themselves. So many people die in such big crowds; a lot of damage is caused. So, this discus of self-realisation is very good. You should also definitely write down these slogans. At the end, everyone has to bow down in front of the mothers. They make such pictures of the Shaktis! The Father is having the ammunition of knowledge made for you children. He says: Prove this! This is easy. Devotees remember God; sages make spiritual endeavour in order to meet God. God is called the Father. We are truly His children. They speak of a brotherhood, that Hindus and Chinese are brothers. So, their Father is One, is He not? In the physical form, they are brothers and sisters, and so there cannot be vicious vision. This is the way to remain pure. The Father also says: Lust is the great enemy. However, you have to understand this. The one main thing is: God is the Father of all. The Father is the One who establishes heaven and so you surely have to receive an inheritance from the Father. You had the inheritance and you then lost it. This is a play about happiness and sorrow. This has to be explained very well. Achcha.