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People go to temples. When they go to a Lakshmi and Narayan Temple or a Krishna Temple, they go in front of the idols of the deities and without understanding anything they say: are the Mother and These songs are good for newcomers. They make it easy to explain to them. It cannot be said that Shiva is omnipresent. His very name is Shiva. No one else can give himself the name Shiva. His ways and means are unique. They are completely different from those of all human beings including the deities. Only the Mother and Father can teach this knowledge. There are no mothers among the sannyasis; this is why they (sannyasis) are not able to teach Raja Yoga. All of this has to be explained, but you children are all numberwise. Sometimes, even good children miss some points. They consider themselves to be very clever. There has to be cleanliness in the heart in this. It takes time to speak the truth about everything and to remain true in everything. By coming into body consciousness, there is familiarity etc. and many other aspects are included in that. As yet, none of you can say that you have become soul conscious, otherwise you would have attained your karmateet stage. All are numberwise. Some children are very unworthy. So the Father would also be pleased with those who help Him in His business. You have to imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge and also inspire others to imbibe them. Some people think that they have insured themselves, that they will receive the reward of that. Here, you have to donate to many. Become a philanthropist like the Father by donating the imperishable jewels of knowledge. The Father comes to fill your apron with the jewels of knowledge. The Father only likes worthy children. When a businessman sees that a salesman is clever, he offers him a partnership. You cannot receive a partnership just like that. By doing this business, your intellect becomes very humble. By doing service your intellect becomes very refined. Baba and Mama relate their experience. Baba is the One who teaches you. You know that this Baba imbibes knowledge very well and also conducts the murli very well. Achcha, Shiv Baba is in this one, He is Murlidhar anyway, but this Baba also knows everything. Otherwise, how else would he claim such a high status? Baba has explained that you must always consider it to be Shiv Baba who is speaking this knowledge. By remembering Shiv Baba, there is benefit for you. Shiv Baba comes in this one. Mama speaks separately, in the personality of Mama. Her name has to be glorified because females have to be given a lift. It is said: Whatever she is, she is mine and so I have to look after her. It is the husbands who say this. They receive a very good chance to do service. Day by day, service will become very easy. There is knowledge and devotion, day and night. The golden and silver ages are the day of happiness; the copper and iron ages are the night of sorrow. There is no devotion in the golden age. It is very easy, but if it is not in your fortune, you not able to imbibe it. You receive very easy points. Go and explain these to your friends and relatives. Uplift your home. You are the ones who live at home with your families and so you can explain these aspects very easily to anyone. Only the one parlokik Father is the Bestower of Salvation. He is also the Teacher and the Satguru. All the rest, from the copper age onwards, have been bringing everyone down into degradation. Degraded and sinful souls exist in the iron age. There is no mention of sinful souls in the golden age. It is now that hunchbacks and those with stone intellects and sinful souls such as Ajamil exist. For half a cycle it is called heaven and then devotion begins and your stage of descent begins. You definitely have to fall. From being those of the sun dynasty, you fall and become those of the moon dynasty. Then you continue to fall. Everyone you meet from the copper age onwards brings you down. Only now do you know this. Day by day, you will continue to gain strength. You also have to invent ways of explaining to the sages and holy men. Ultimately, they will definitely understand why the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, cannot be omnipresent. There are many points you can use to explain. At first, devotion is unadulterated and then it becomes adulterated; the degrees start to decrease. Now there are no degrees left. It has also been shown in the pictures of the tree and the cycle how the celestial degrees decrease. This is most easy to explain. However, if it is not in your fortune, you are not able to explain them. You do not become soul conscious. You remain trapped in your old bodies. The Father says: Remove all your attachment from your old bodies and consider yourselves to be souls. If you do not become soul conscious you will not be able to claim a high status. A student would not want to remain last all the time. All his friends and relatives, his teacher and fellow students would understand that he is not paying attention to his studies. Everyone can understand who will become subjects and who will become maids and servants. The Father explains: Bring benefit to your friends and relatives. This is a law. When there is an older brother in a home, it is his duty to help the younger one. The Father says: Your wealth will not be reduced by donating it. You receive a very good chance. You have to become merciful. You also have to become merciful towards the sannyasis and sages. Say to them: Come and understand. No one knows this. People say that even government officers are corrupt, and so who can make them elevated? Nowadays, there is a great deal of regard for the community of sages. When you write to them that the Father has mercy for even them (sages and holy men), they will be amazed. As you go further, your name will be glorified. Many will continue to come to you and there will be many exhibitions. Ultimately, some will definitely wake up. Even sannyasis will wake up. Where else would they go? There is only the one shop. A great deal of improvement will continue to take place. Many good pictures will be made for you to explain, so that anyone can come and study. When the haystack is set ablaze, people will wake up, but it will be too late. The same applies to the children. How far could you run at the end? Even in a race, some run slowly at first. Only a few win a prize. This is also your horse race. Knowledgeable souls are needed to run in this race of the spiritual pilgrimage. To remember the Father is also knowledge, is it not? No one else has this knowledge. It is through knowledge that human beings become like diamonds and through ignorance that they become like shells. The Father comes to create your satopradhan reward. Later, this reward will gradually decrease. You should imbibe all of these points and then act. You children have to become great donors. Bharat is called a great donor, because it is here that you surrender your body, mind and wealth to the Father. Then the Father also surrenders everything to you. There are many great donors in Bharat. All the rest of human beings are trapped in blind faith. Ravan made you unhappy and so you have taken asylum with Rama (God). All of you were in the cottage of sorrow. You are now to go to the cottage free from sorrow, that is, to heaven. You have taken asylum with Father who is the Creator of heaven. Some were brought by force in their childhood. They do not experience any happiness in this refuge; it is not in their fortune. They want to take refuge with Maya, Ravan. You can play this. You can say that you can explain its accurate meaning according to shrimat. They simply continue to play with dolls. According to the drama, you also receive help from these songs. Some children become unworthy and cause so much sorrow. Here, if your mother dies, eat halva. Even if your wife dies, eat halva. You would not weep and wail. You have to remain firm on the drama. Mama and Baba will go and the very special children will also go in advance. Each one has to play his part. What is there to worry about? We observe the play as detached observers. Your stage should always remain cheerful. Even Baba has thoughts of concern. The law says that they will definitely come. It is not that Mama and Baba have become complete. The complete stage will come at the end. At present, no one can call himself complete. There was this loss, there was conflict, there were rumours about BKs in the newspapers. All of that also happened a cycle ago. So, what is there to worry about? You will attain your 100% stage at the end. You have to give the donation of these jewels of knowledge to others. If you do not remember the Father fully, the burden of sin on your head will increase. Worthy ones are needed in order to explain at the exhibitions. They have to be clever. There is great pleasure in having remembrance at night. You have to remember that spiritual Bridegroom in the early hours of the morning. Baba, You are so sweet! Just see what I was and what You are making me! Achcha.