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All here are sinful souls. Only in heaven are there pure and charitable souls. This is the world of sinful souls. Here, there are sinful souls like Ajamil whereas that is the world of the deities of heaven, the pure and charitable souls. The praise of each is separate. All of those who are Brahmins send Baba their biography of this birth of how many sins they have committed. Baba has everyone's biography. You children know that you have to listen to the things here and then tell others about them. Very many are needed to tell others. Until you become someone who relates this knowledge to others, you cannot pass. In other spiritual gatherings, they are not bound to listen and then relate that to others. Here, you have to imbibe knowledge and then inspire others to imbibe it; you have to create . followers. It isn't that only one pundit would tell you a story. Here, each and every one has to become like the mother and father. Only when you relate knowledge to others will you pass and be able to be seated in the Father's heart. Everything about knowledge is explained to you. There, everyone would say: God Krishna speaks. Here, it is said: The Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Bestower of the Knowledge of the Gita, God Shiva, speaks. Neither Radhe and Krishna nor Lakshmi and Narayan can be called a god or goddess; that isn't the law. However, God gave them a status and so He would definitely make them into a god and goddess. This is why they are given that name. You are now making effort to be threaded in the rosary of victory. A rosary is created, is it not? There is Rudra at the beginning. There is the rosary of Rudraksh beads. The rosary of God is being created here. You say: Our pilgrimage is unique. Those people stumble about so much on pilgrimages. Everything of yours is unique. Your intellect's yoga is with Shiv Baba. You have to become a garland around the neck of Rudra. People don't understand the secret of the rosary. At the beginning is Shiv Baba, the Tassel, and then there is the dual-bead, Jagadamba and Jagadpita, and then their creation of 108. Baba has seen the very long rosary they have and how everyone pulls its beads while chanting the name, "Rama, Rama!" They don't have any aim. They tum the beads of the rosary of Rudra and also chant the name of Rama. All of that is the path of devotion. That is still better than other things; for that duration they wouldn't be committing sin! Those are methods to be saved from committing sin. Here, there is no question of turning the beads of a rosary. You yourselves have to become beads of the rosary. So, our pilgrimage is unique. All of our sins of many births are being burnt through yoga. Even if someone were to remember Krishna day and night, his sins could not be absolved. When they chant the name of Rama, they don't commit sin at that time. Then, afterwards, they begin to commit sin. It isn't that their sins are cut away or that their lifespans increase. Here, with the power of yoga, the sins of you children are burnt away and your lifespans increase. Your lives become imperishable for birth after birth. To change from a human being to a deity is said to be making your life. There is so much praise of the deities. People call themselves degraded sinners and so everyone would surely be like that. They even sing: I am without virtue, I have no virtues. Have mercy on me! They praise God in this way. He makes you full of all virtues, the same as Shri Krishna. You are now becoming that. There is no praise higher than this. There is an organization called "Nirgun Balak" (children without virtue). They also don't understand who is called nirgun (without virtues). You children know that it is Shri Krishna and Lakshmi and Narayan who are praised as: Full of all virtues... You are now once again becoming that. There isn't any other gathering where they would say this. Here, the Father asks you if you will marry Lakshmi and Narayan or Rama and Sita. You children are not senseless; you instantly reply: Baba, we will pass the examination fully. You are speaking with hope. However, it is not that everyone will become the same. At least you show courage! You say: Mama and Baba are Shiv Baba's specially beloved children. We will follow them fully and be seated on their throne. This pure desire is good. Then, you also have to make that much effort. The effort made at this time will become the effortt of every cycle. This will be a guarantee. From the effort someone makes at this time, you can tell that he did the same in the previous cycle, and that same effort will continue for cycle after cycle. When the examination time comes, you can tell to what extent you will pass. A teacher would also instantly know. This is the Gita Pathshala to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. In other Gita Pathshalas, they would never say that they went there to become Narayan from an ordinary man nor would the teacher there say that he will make them into Narayan from an ordinary human being. First of all, the teacher would have to have the intoxication that he will become Narayan from an ordinary man. There are many who give lectures on the Gita but they would never say that they are studying with Shiv Baba. They study with human beings. You know that the Highest on High is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, who is the knowledge-foil Creator of heaven. He alone comes and makes impure ones pure. Guru Nanak too sang His praise: Remember the Lord and you will receive happiness. You now know that that One is the Highest on High, the true Lord. He Himself says: Remember Me, your Father. I am telling you the true story of immortality and the story of the third eye. Therefore, this is the knowledge of receiving the third eye and of becoming Narayan from an ordinary man. 0 Parvatis, I, the Lord of Immortality, am telling you the story of immortality. Shiv Baba is the Highest on High, then there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, and then Lakshmi and Narayan in heaven. Then the moon-dynasty clan. They continue to come down, numberwise, in this way. Time also goes through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. No one knows these things. Baba is telling you many deep things. There is an imperishable part in each soul. There is a part recorded for each birth; it is never destroyed. The Father says: My part is recorded. When you reside in the land of happiness, I reside in the land of silence. You have happiness and sorrow in your fortune. I have also explained to you how many births you take in happiness and how many births in sorrow. I am your altruistic Father and I make all of you into the masters of heaven. If I too were to become impure, then who would make you pure? Who would listen to everyone's call? Who would be called the Purifier? This Father explains that none of the scholars of the Gita are able to explain like this. They explain the meaning of the three worlds in many different ways. People say that you can find the way to meet God through the Vedas and scriptures. The Father says: All of those scriptures are for the path of devotion. The scriptures are not for those on the path of knowledge. I am the Ocean of Knowledge who speaks the knowledge. Everything else is the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. I Myself come and grant everyone salvation with this knowledge. Those people think that a bubble emerges from the water and then merges into it again. However, there is no question of merging. Souls are immortal; they are never burnt, cut or reduced. The Father gives you an explanation of all of these things. You children should have happiness from the top of your head to the tip of your toes that you are becoming the masters of the world through the power of yoga. This happiness is also numberwise. It cannot be constant or the same for everyone. Although it is the same examination, at least all should be able to pass. A kingdom is being established and so He gives you a plan for that. There will be this many thrones (dynasties) in the sun dynasty and this many in the moon dynasty. Those who fail become maids and servants. The maids and servants also later become kings and queens, numberwise. Those who are uneducated receive a status at the end. Baba explains a lot, but if you don't understand anything, you can ask. Reasoning says: Where would someone then take birth? There, too, there isn't any less happiness. There, too, they are given great regard; they stay in big palaces. There are huge gardens there. There is no need to build two or three-storey buildings there because there is a lot of land. There is no lack of money and they have a great interest in constructing buildings just as people here have that interest. When they built New Delhi, they thought that it was New Bharat. In fact, heaven is called New Bharat and hell is called old Bharat. However much any of you want there, you can have it, even though it would all be according to the drama. The palaces that were built in the previous cycle will be built again. No one else can understand this knowledge. It will sit in the intellects of those who have it in their fortune. You children have to make effort to stay in yoga full y. On the path of devotion, people have been staying in yoga with Shri Krishna, but they haven't become the masters of heaven. Now, heaven is just in front of you. You know the biography of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. You know how many births Brahma takes. The Father says: You mothers are the ones who open the gates to heaven. All the rest remain in hell. Only the mothers will uplift everyone. We praise God. You understand and then say: Shiv Baba, namaste to You. You come and make us into heirs, into the masters of heaven. Namaste to such a Shiv Baba. Children say namaste to the Father anyway. Then the Father replies: Namaste. You make Me into the Heir of a few pennies. You make Me into the Heir of shells and I make you into heirs of diamonds. You make Shiva, your Child, your Heir, don't you? Achcha.