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You children can understand that there definitely is a difference between listening to the murli personally, hearing it on tape and reading it. It says in the song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved. The rain is for everyone, but those who are with the Father can also benefit a lot by understanding the expressions on the Father's face and knowing His various directions. However, it is not that anyone can just sit here. You have to fill yourselves with the goods and go and do service and then return and fill yourselves with the goods again. People go to buy goods in order to sell them. They sell them and then return to buy more. These too are the goods of the jewels of knowledge. You come back to get more goods. There are such senseless ones that they don't make any delivery, but just stay holding on to the old goods; they don't want to get more new goods. People go on pilgrimages themselves; the pilgrimage place would not come to them because those images are non-living. Only you children understand these things. People don't understand anything. Big gurus such as Shri Shri Mahamandleshwar etc. take their followers on pilgrimages. So many people go to the Triveni. They consider it to be charity to go to the rivers and make donations there. Here, there is no question of pe1forming devotion. Here, you have to come to the Father. Therefore, you children have to understand and then explain to others. You also have to explain to people at exhibitions. Children, you know that not everyone goes around the cycle of 84 births. A very good method is needed to explain this. It is this cycle that people become confused about. No one even knows about the tree. They also show the cycle in the scriptures; they show its duration. There is confusion in that cycle. We go around the full cycle. We take 84 bi1ths. However, those of Islam and the Buddhists come later. How we pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo is shown in the picture of the cycle. How can we show the same about all the rest, those of Islam and the Buddhists etc. that come? They too go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. We also show our variety form image. We go around the whole cycle from the golden age to the iron age. The topknot is Brahmins, then the face represents the golden age, the arms represent the silver age, the stomach represents the copper age and the legs are shown to be last. We can show our variety-form image, but how can we show this for the other religions? When they start, they too are satopradhan, and they then go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. This proves that no one has gone to nirvana; they have to go around this cycle. Each one has to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Abraham, Buddha and Christ etc. were human beings. Baba has many thoughts about this at night. He loses the drowsiness of sleep in these thoughts. He loses his sleep in these. Very good methods are needed to explain these. Their variety-form image has to be created. Their feet should also be shown at the end and then this should be explained in writing. You children have to explain that when Christ comes he too has to pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. He doesn't come in the golden age. He has to come later. They would ask: Would Christ not come in heaven? This play is predestined. You know that there were other religions before Christ and that they have to repeat. The significance of the drama has to be explained. First of all, you have to give the Father's introduction: How do you receive an inheritance from the Father in a second? It is remembered: You receive liberation-in-life in a second. Look, Baba has so many thoughts. lt is Baba's part to chum the ocean of knowledge. The words 'God fatherly birth right- now or never' have been written. You also have to write the words 'Liberation-in-life'. If the writing is clear, it will be easy to explain. You received the inheritance of liberation-in-life. Kings, queens and subjects are all in liberation-in-life. So the writing has to match this clearly. It can also be explained without the pictures. You can explain simply with signals. This is Baba and this is the inheritance. Those who are yogyukt would be able to explain well. Everything depends on yoga. Your intellect becomes pure through yoga and only then can your imbibing this take place. A soul-conscious stage is needed for this. You have to forget everything. You also have to forget your body; that's all. We now have to return home. This world is going to end. It is easy for this Baba because this is his business. His intellect is engaged in this throughout the whole day. All right, but those who live at home with their families have to perform actions. While performing physical actions, you forget those other things. You forget to have remembrance of Baba. Baba tells you his own experience. I remember Baba: Baba is feeding this chariot, and then I forget. Therefore, Baba thinks: Since even I forget, how much difficulty must all of these helpless children be having? How would they increase their charts? It is difficult for those on the family path. They have to make effort. Baba explains to everyone. Those who are making effort can write their result and send i t to Baba. Baba knows that this is really difficult. Baba says: Make effort at night. All your tiredness will be removed if you remain yogyukt and continue to chum the ocean of knowledge. Baba tells you his experience. Sometimes, my intellect is diverted to other things, and my head then becomes heated. Then, I remove my intellect from those storms and occupy myself in churning the ocean of knowledge and my head then becomes light. Many types of storms of Maya come. By occupying your intellect in this, all of that tiredness is removed and the intellect becomes refreshed. When you occupy yourself in Baba's service, you receive the butter of yoga and knowledge. This Baba is telling you his experience. The Father would tell the children: This and that will happen. Storms of Maya will come. At that time, you should occupy your intellect in these things. You should look at a picture and begin to think about that and the storms of Maya will fly away. Baba knows that Maya is such that she doesn't allow you to stay in remembrance. There are few who stay in remembrance the whole time. Many talk big. If you stay in remembrance of Baba, your intellect can remain clear. There is no other butter like that of staying in remembrance. When there is a lot of physical burden, your remembrance decreases. Look, the Pope came to Bombay. He was praised so much, as though everyone's God had come. He has power, does he not? The people of Bharat don't even know their own religion. They continue to say that their religion is Hinduism. However, Hinduism is not a religion. No one knows where it came from or when it was established. You should have enthusiasm for knowledge. Shiv Shaktis should jump with enthusiasm for knowledge. Those people have shown the Shaktis riding a lion. All of that refers to knowledge. At the end, when you have become powerful, you will also explain to the sages and holy men. When you have that much knowledge in your intellect, you can then have that enthusiasm. In the city of Chakrata, if a teacher teaches farmers, they won't study because they only like to farm. In the same way, if you give this knowledge to the people of today, they say: We don't like it. We want to study the scriptures. However, God says very clearly: No one has attained Me by doing penance, tapasya, making donations, performing charity or even by studying the scriptures. They don't know the drama. They don't understand that they are actors of the drama and that they have taken costumes to play their parts. This is a forest of thorns. They continue to prick one another, continue to loot and kill one another. Although they look like human beings, their characters are like that of monkeys. The Father sits here and explains to you children. If a new person were to hear this, he would become heated. You children do not get heated. The Father says: I only explain to My children. A mother and father can say anything to their children. It is a parent's duty to reform the children. However, there isn't that law here. Whatever actions others see me perform, they will do the same. So, Baba told you about what he churned. This one is the first number. He has to take 84 births, and so how could all the other heads, the founders of the religions, have gone to nirvana? They definitely have to go through the sato, rajo and tamo stages. The first number are Lakshrni and Narayan who are the masters of the world. They too have to take 84 births. In the human world, together with the highest new man, there also has to be the new woman. How could there be creation without women? In the golden age, the new man and woman are Narayan and Lakshmi. They become new from old. They are the ones who play an all-round part. All the rest also go from sato to tamo; they become old and then they become new from old. Similarly, Christ first came new, and then he went away old, and he will then come again new at his own time. These matters have to be understood. Very good yoga is needed for this. You also have to be fully surrendered; only then can you claim a right to an inheritance. When you are surrendered, Baba will be able to give you directions: Do this and that. For some who are surrendered, Baba tells them to stay with their families so that they can know their own intellect. Demonstrate this by taking knowledge while living at home; demonstrate this by passing. You mustn't get involved with the household. It is good to remain celibate. Baba asks about each one's accounts. You have taken sustenance from Mama and Baba and so you also have to settle that debt and you will then receive power. Otherwise, the Father would say: I made so much effort and gave you sustenance and you then left Me. Each one's pulse has to be felt, because only then can directions be given. For instance, if this one makes a mistake, the Father would free him from that mistake and put it right. This one also continues to follow shrimat at every step. Whenever there is a loss, it is understood that that is in the drama. Then that should not happen again in the future. Any mistakes would make your conscience bite. If you have made any mistakes, then, in return for that, you have to occupy yourself in service a great deal. You have to make a lot of effort. To create someone's life is effort. Baba says: I love the gyani and yogi children the most. If you stay in yoga while preparing food and serve it, there can be a lot of progress. This is Shiv Baba's bhandara. So Shiv Baba's children would definitely be yogyukt. Gradually, your stage will become elevated; it definitely takes time. Everyone's karmic bondages are their own. There is no burden on kumaris. Yes, there is a burden on kumars. When sons grow up, they become a burden to their mother and father. The father explained to you so much, he sustained you so much and so you have to look after them. You have to settle the account so that their hearts become happy too. Worthy children place everything in front of their father when they return from their travels. You have to settle the debt, do you not? These matters have to be understood. Only those who are to claim a high status will continue to leap like a lion. Achcha.