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27/11/13 (Night Class)
First of all, you children have to give the explanation of the Father. Only the unlimited Father is teaching us. They call Krishna, the one who studies the Gita, God. You have to explain to them that it is the Incorporeal that is called God. There are many bodily beings. There is only One who is without a body. He is the Highest on High, Shiv Baba. Make this sit in their intellects very well: You receive an unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. He alone is the Highest on High, the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. That One is the unlimited Father and this one is a limited father. No one else gives you an inheritance for 21 births. The golden age is the land of immortality. This is the land of death. Only the Father gives you that. That Purifier is remembered. He says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, the Father, and your sins will be cut away. You can become pure from impure and become worthy to go to the pure world. The Father says every cycle: Constantly remember Me alone. Only through the pilgrimage of remembrance will you become pure. The pure world is now coming and the impure world is to be destroyed. This is where Maya makes you forget a lot. You try to remember Baba and then you forget Him. Only by remembering Shiv Baba will your sins be cut away. That Baba tells you through this one: Children, remember Me. Nevertheless, you forget Me when you become busy in your business etc. You should not forget Him. This is the thing that requires effort. You have to reach your karmateet stage by remembering the Father. Those who have the karmateet stage are called angels. Therefore, remember firmly how you can explain to someone. There should be the firm faith that you are explaining to your brothers (souls). Some say: I want to go to Baba and have a vision. However, there is no question of visions in this. God comes and teaches you and says through the mouth: Remember Me, your incorporeal Father. By remembering Me all your sins will be cut away. While sitting anywhere doing your business etc., you have to repeatedly remember the Father. The Father has given you an order: Remember Me! Only those who constantly remember Me will win. This is the study to change from human beings into deities. Only the one Father teaches you this. You have to become the kings who rule the globe, and so you also have to remember the cycle of 84 births. You have to make effort to reach your karmateet stage. That will happen at the end. The end can come at any time, and so you have to make continuous effort. Your efforts should continue all the time. Your physical father would not say: Renounce all your bodily relations and consider yourself to be a soul. Renounce the consciousness of the body and remember Me and your sins will be cut away. It is only the unlimited Father who says: Children, remain in remembrance of Me alone and your sins will be cut away and you will become satopradhan. You should do this business in happiness. You have to remember the Father even when taking your meals. It is good if the incognito practice of you children of staying in remembrance continues all the time. There is only benefit for you in that. You have to check yourself and see for how long you remember Baba. Achcha.