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Here, there is no praise of devotion. Here, there is praise of the Father. You have to praise the Father from whom you receive such an elevated inheritance. There is no happiness in devotion. Even while on the path of devotion, they still remember heaven. When a person dies, people say that he has become a resident of heaven. So, they should be happy. If someone takes birth in heaven, there is no need to cry. In fact, it is not true that he has become a resident of heaven and this is why they continue to cry. Now, how can there be benefit for those who are crying? Crying is a sign of sorrow. Human beings cry, do they not? Even babies cry when they are born because they feel sorrow. One feels like crying when there is one type of loss or another. There is never any loss in the golden age, and this is why they never cry there. There is no question of any loss there. At a time of sorrow, people cry and they remember God: Come and benefit everyone. I f He is omnipresent, whom are they telling to come and benefit everyone? To believe that the Supreme father, the Supreme Soul, is omnipresent is the biggest mistake. The Father is the Benefactor for All. He alone is the Benefactor and so He should surely benefit everyone. You children know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, always benefits everyone. So, when can that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, come so that He can benefit the world? There is no one else who could benefit the world. They then call the Father omnipresent. That is such a big mistake. The Father now gives you His own introduction and says: Manmanabhav! Only in this is there benefit. In the golden and silver ages, under no circumstances is there ever any loss. Even in the silver age when it is the kingdom of Rama, the lion and the lamb drink water together. We do not praise the kingdom of Rama and Sita as much because, when it becomes two degrees fewer, there is a little less happiness. We prefer heaven which the Father establishes. If we claim our full inheritance of that, it is good. We have to claim the highest inheritance of all from the Father and benefit everyone. Each one has to benefit the self by following shrimat. The Father has explained: One is the devilish community and the other is the deity community. Now, on the one side there is the kingdom of Ravan and on the other side I am establishing the deity community. I am making the devilish community divine. It is said that the deity community exists in the golden age. The Father says: I am changing this devilish community into the future deity community. It is now the Brahmin community. The deity community is being created. However, which human beings would He change into deities? Even the most elevated Lakshmi and Narayan who exist at the beginning of the world do not know the beginning, the middle or the end. They are not trikaldarshi. They were trikaldarshi in their previous birth. They were spinners of the discus of self realization and that was how they claimed their royal status. However, people have then given the discus of self-realization to Vishnu. Therefore, you have to explain that it is Brahmins who are spinners of the discus of self-realization, and people will be amazed. They say Krishna is that and also Vishnu is that. We did not know this either. In every situation people say, "It is destiny!" No one can prevent that which is to happen. This is the drama. So, first of all, do you have to give the Father's introduction or explain the secrets of the drama? In that too, you have to have remembrance of Baba. Shiv Baba, the unlimited Baba, is well known. "Rudra Baba" is never said. Shiv Baba is very well known. The Father has explained: Wherever there are devotees, go there and explain to them. It was printed in the newspapers that people say that the age of the Himalayas is multimillion years. How could there be an age for the Himalayas? They always exist. Do the Himalayas ever disappear? This Bharat is also eternal. You cannot say when it was created; you cannot give it an age. In the same way, you cannot even say how long the Himalayas have been here. There cannot be an age for these Himalayan Mountains. You cannot say that the sky or the ocean is this old. If they speak of the age of the Himalayas, they should also be able to tell the age of the ocean, but they don't know anything. Here, you have to receive your inheritance from your Father. This is the Godly family. You know that by belonging to the Father you become the masters of heaven. It is not a question of one King Janak. There will be many in liberation-in-life, in God's kingdom. All will have received liberation-in-life. You are effort-makers in order to receive liberation-in-life in a second. You have become children. You say: Mama, Baba. You would receive liberation-in-life, would you not? You can understand that so many subjects are being created. Your influence has to spread day by day. It takes a lot of effort to establish this religion. Those souls come from up above to carry out their establishment and all others follow on after them. Here, each one of you has to be made worthy of receiving your fortune of the kingdom. It is the Father 's duty to make you worthy. Maya has made everyone unworthy, even those who were worthy of liberation and liberation-in-life. Even the five elements have become unworthy. Again, it is the Father who makes them worthy. Whatever effort is being made at every second now, you understand that so-and-so made the same effort in the previous cycle. Some who were amazed, run away and divorce the Father. You continue to see this in a practical way. You also understand that destruction is just ahead. According to the drama, everyone has to come to act. Human beings want one thing but destiny is something else. They want peace but you children know the destiny. You have had visions. No matter how much they beat their heads for destruction not to take place, it cannot be prevented; it is destiny. There will be earthquakes and natural calamities. What can they do? They will say: This is an act of God. Among you too, there are very few who have that much intoxication and stay i n remembrance. Not everyone has become complete. You know that this destiny cannot be prevented. There isn't food; there is no place for people to stay; one can 't find three feet of land. This is your Godly family: the mother, Father and children. The Father says: I reveal Myself in front of My children. I teach you children. Children say: We are following the Father 's directions. The Father says: I only come personally in front of my children and give them directions. Only my children would understand them. If you don't understand it, then leave it alone; there is no need to fight. I am giving you the Father's introduction. The Father says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved, and remember the discus of self-realization and you will become rulers of the globe. This is the meaning of manmanabhav and madhyajibhav. Give the Father's introduction through which they can understand the secrets of the Creator and creation. This is the main thing. This is the one main mistake in the Gita. The Father says: I, the Benefactor, have to come and benefit everyone. However, there cannot be any benefit through the scriptures. First of all, you have to prove that God is One. You remember Him but you don't know Him. If you want to remember the Father, you also need His introduction. Where does He live? Does He come here or not? The Father would definitely give the inheritance for here. Or, would it be for there? The Father has to be personally in front of you. People celebrate Shiv Ratri. Shiva is the Supreme Father of all souls. He is the Creator and He gives new knowledge. He knows the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. He is the highest-on high Teacher who changes human beings into deities. He teaches you Raja Yoga. Human beings can never teach Raja Yoga. We have been taught by Him and this is why we are able to teach you. Manmanabhav and madhyajibhav are mentioned at the beginning and the end of the Gita. You also have the knowledge of the tree and the drama in your intellects. They have to be explained in detail. The end result is just one thing: You have to remember the Father and the inheritance. Here, there is just the one thing: We will become the masters of the world. Only the Benefactor of the world makes you into the masters of the world. He makes you into the masters of heaven, He would not make you into the masters of hell. The world doesn't know that Ravan is the creator of hell and that the Father is the Creator of heaven. The Father says: Death is now just ahead. It is the stage of retirement of everyone. l have come to take you back. Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Souls will become pure from dirty. Then, I will send you to heaven. You have to explain this to everyone with faith in your intellects, not simply like parrots. Those who have faith in the intellect have no need to cry or become body conscious. Body consciousness makes you very dirty. Become soul conscious now. Perform actions for the livelihood of your body. Those people become renunciates of action. Here, you have to live at home with your family and look after your children. It is very easy to know the Father and the cycle. The Father has so many children. Some of them are worthy and some are unworthy: they defame the Father's name; they dirty their faces. The Father says: Do not dirty your faces. You become the children and then you dirty your faces! So, you then become those who defame the name of the clan. By sitting on that pyre of lust, you have become ugly. You don't want to burn yourself to death on the pyre of lust, do you? There shouldn't be even the slightest intoxication of that. Sannyasis etc. would not say this to their followers. They are not followers in reality. The Father explains true things to everyone. The Father says: Remember Me. You have given a guarantee: Baba, I will follow Your directions and become a resident of heaven. The Father says: Children, in that case, why do you have thoughts of falling into the gutter of vice? When you daughters read them such murlis, they say: We have never heard such knowledge before. You should catch hold of the heads of the temples. You should take the pictures to them. This Trimurti and the tree arc pictures of Dilwala. The deity tree is at the top, but then they show the deity tree that has become the past. If someone does such service, Baba would praise him: This one has performed wonders; just as Baba praises Ramesh. He has invented a very good exhibition which is a good way of doing service at a fast speed. We will have an exhibition here too. The pictures are very good. Look at the religious conferences that take place in Delhi: they too say that there should be oneness. There is no meaning in that. The Father is One and all the rest are brothers and sisters. It is a question of receiving the inheritance from the Father. How will you unite and become like milk and sugar? These are matters to be understood. A method has to be invented for the growth of exhibitions. Those who don't give the proof of service should be ashamed. If ten new ones come but eight to ten old ones die, what is the benefit? Achcha.