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This song was composed by the freedom fighters. It is a question of the whole world. No human being can change the fortune of the whole world or change it from hell into heaven. This praise does not belong to a human being. If this were said of Krishna, no one would have been able to defame him. In fact, neither Krishna nor the God of the Gita can ever be defamed. It is Brahma who is defamed. Krishna has been defamed but only by them saying that he abducted women. No one knows about Shiv Baba. People definitely run after God, but God can never be defamed. Neither God nor Krishna can be defamed. The praise of both is very powerful. Krishna is a kumar; this is why he receives more praise. They sing the same praise of Lakshmi as of Narayan, of how they are 16 celestial degrees completely full and completely viceless, but they have put Krishna in the copper age. They think that that praise has continued since the beginning of time. You children understand all of these things. This is Godly knowledge and it was God who established the kingdom of Rama (God). The Father comes and gives the explanation of this. Everything depends on the Gita. Wrong things have been written in the Gita. The Father sits here and teaches you in this school. Yes, there is this battle with Maya, Ravan over whom you have to gain victory. You have to become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of the world. However, people do not understand these things even slightly. It is fixed in the drama for them to come later on and understand. Only you children can explain these aspects to them. There is no question of shooting arrows of violence at Bhishampitamai etc. Many such things have been written in the scriptures. You mothers should go and spend some time with those people. Tell them: We want to talk to you in connection with this. It was God who spoke the Gita. Krishna is different. Rudra, God Shiva, says that this is His sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge of the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Human beings then say: God Krishna speaks, but only the One can in fact be called God. You should write His praise and then write what the praise of Krishna is. The Father says: Have unlimited renunciation. Renounce the consciousness of your body and all your bodily relations and consider yourself to be a soul. Manmanabhav! Madhyajibhav! The Father explains everything very clearly. The Gita contains the shrimat spoken by God. Shri means the most elevated, and so this would apply to Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Krishna is a human being with divine qualities. Shiva is the God of the Gita, the One who taught Raja Yoga. At the end, all the other religions are definitely destroyed and the one religion is established. In the golden age, there was only the one original deity religion. It was not Krishna but God who established it. This praise belongs to God. He is called the Mother, the Father. Krishna cannot be called this. You can explain that God alone is the Liberator and the Guide, the One who takes everyone back home. Therefore, you have to explain that the praise of Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is separate from the praise of Krishna. You have to prove this and explain the difference between the two. Shiva does not come into the cycle of birth and rebirth. He is the Purifier whereas Krishna takes the full 84 births. Now, who can be called the Supreme Soul? You should also write this: By not knowing the unlimited Father, you have become unhappy orphans. In the golden age, when you belong to the Lord and Master, you will definitely be happy. The words should be very clear. The Father says: Remember Me and claim your inheritance of liberation-in-life in a second. Even now, Shiv Baba is saying this. His full praise should be written: Salutations to Shiva; it is from Him that you receive your inheritance of heaven. By understanding the world cycle you will become residents of heaven. Now judge what is right. It should remain in the intellects of you children how you can show people the true path. God speaks: I even uplift those sages and holy men. Shri Krishna cannot be called the Father. All can be the children of God, the Father; they cannot all be the children of one human being. Therefore, you children should have great intoxication while explaining to others that we are the children of the unlimited Father. It is very royal. However, the people of Bharat have defamed this poor person (Shri Krishna). They say: You too are residents of Bharat. Say to them: Yes, we are, but we are at the confluence age. We have become the children of God, and we are studying with Him. God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga. Krishna cannot possibly say this. They will come to understand this later. King Janak also understood everything from a signal. He remembered the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and went into trance. Many continue to go into trance. In trance they see the incorporeal world and Paradise. You understand that you are residents of the incorporeal world. You come down from the supreme abode to play your parts. Destruction is standing ahead. Scientists continue to beat their heads to go to the moon. It is through the extreme arrogance of science that they will bring about their own destruction. In fact, there is nothing on the moon. These things are very good, but you have to explain them in a clever manner. It is the Father, the Highest on High, who gives us these teachings. He is also your Father. This is the imperishable sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra in which everything is to be sacrificed. These points are very good, but it will still take time. This point s also very good: One is the spiritual pilgrimage and the other is a physical pilgrimage. The Father says: Remember Me, and your last thoughts will lead you to your destination. No one, except the spiritual Father, can teach you these things. You should write such points: Manmanabhav! Madhyajibhav! This pilgrimage is for liberation and liberation-in-life. Only the Father can take you on this pilgrimage. Krishna cannot do this. You have to instil the habit of remembrance. The more remembrance you have, the greater your happiness will be. However, Maya does not allow you to stay in remembrance. Achcha.