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The children who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan have understood that they truly had limitless happiness in heaven. We were very happy. We living beings were very intoxicated in heaven. What happened then? Colorful Maya came and clung to us. It is because of the vices that this is called hell; this whole world is hell. The example of the buzzing moth is given. The work of buzzing moths (bramaris) and the Brahmin teachers (Brahmanis) is the same. The example of the buzzing moth is based on you. The buzzing moth takes an insect, makes a home and puts the insect in that. This too is hell. All are like insects. However, not all insects belong to the deity clan. Whatever religion they belong to, they are all insects who are residents of hell. Who are the insects of the deity religion? How can you tell that these are the Brahmins of the clan of Brahma who sit and buzz knowledge? Only those who belong to the deity religion will be able to stay here. All are insects, residents of hell. Even sannyasis say that this happiness of hell is like the droppings of a crow. They don't know that there is limitless happiness in heaven. Here, there is 5% happiness and 95% sorrow. Therefore, this would not be called heaven. There is no question of sorrow in heaven. Here, there are innumerable scriptures, innumerable religions and innumerable directions. In heaven, there is the one undivided direction of the deities. There is just the one religion there. You are Brahmins. You buzz knowledge and then those who belong to this religion will stay here. There are many types. Some believe in nature, some believe in science and some say that this world is just imagination. Such conversations only take place here, not in the golden age. The unlimited Father sits here and explains to His children through the lotus mouth of Prajapita Brahma: You were with Me and you now have to come back to Me. The question of scriptures doesn't arise in this. When Christ and Buddha come, they too relate something. There is no question of their scripture at that time. Did Christ study the Bible? The question of the Bible doesn't arise at that time. The Father says: Children, look at your condition! Look at the condition Maya, Ravan, has made you! You understand that you are the devilish community of Ravan. They burn effigies of Ravan, but he doesn't burn. When will the burning of Ravan end? People don't know this. You are the Godly deity community; you are My children. I have come once again to teach you children Raja Yoga. There are innumerable religions. It takes so much effort to remove them from those. Where did the Gita come from? Where did the signs of the original, eternal, deity religion, which the rishis and munis sat and created and of which you have been hearing even now, come from? Who sung the Vedas? Who is the Father of the Vedas? The Father says: I am the God of the Gita. Shiv Baba created the Mother Gita and Krishna took birth through that. Radhe etc. are all included with him. First of all, there are Brahmins. You children have the faith that that One is our most beloved Father to whom everyone says: O God, the Father! Have mercy! Devotees call out: How can we be liberated from sorrow? If God is omnipresent, there is no need to call out. The main aspect is that of the Gita. People create so many sacrificial fires etc. You should now have such leaflets printed. Everything is so meaningless now. Wherever you look, they continue to write the Gita. They don't know at all who created the Gita, who sung it, when it was sung or who made it. They don't even have the accurate introduction of Shri Krishna. They simply say: Wherever I look. I only see the omnipresent Shri Krishna everywhere. Devotees of Radhe would say that they only see omnipresent Radhe, that Radhe is everywhere. If they were to say this of just the one incorporeal Supreme Soul, that would be OK. Why do they say that all are omnipresent? They even say that Ganesh is omnipresent. In just the one city of Mathura, someone would say that Krishna is omnipresent and someone else would say that Radhe is omnipresent. There is so much confusion. No two opinions are the same. In the one home, the guru of the father would be different from the guru of the child. In fact, gurus are adopted by those in the age of retirement. The Father says: I too have come in this one's stage of retirement. In the world, the greater the guru, the more intoxication he has. Adi Dev has also been given the name, Mahavir. They even call Hanuman; Mahavir. You Shaktis are mohairs. In the Dilwala Temple, the Shaktis are shown riding lions and the Pandavas are shown riding elephants. The temple has been built with great significance. It is your identical memorial. You would not be in existence at that time for your picture to be used. The temples were created in the copper age, and so where your pictures could have come from? You do service at this time. All of those things refer to the present time. They created the scriptures later. If we were not to mention the name of the Gita, they would say: We don't know which new religion this is. This requires so much effort. Those people simply establish a religion in this world. The Father is preparing you for the new world. The Father says: No one else can carry out the task that I do. I have to make all the impure ones pure. I now have to give a warning to you children. So many calamities have taken place in Bharat and this is why Bharat has become like a shell. The Father gave birth to Krishna through the mother Gita, whereas those people have made Krishna the Lord of the Gita. The Lord of the Gita is, in fact, Shiva. He gave birth to Krishna through the Gita. All of you are Sanjays and the One giving you this knowledge is Shiv Baba. Who is the Creator of the ancient deity religion? Wisdom is required to write all of these things. We are taking birth through the Gita. Mamma will become Radhe and this one will become Krishna. These are incognito matters. No one can understand the birth of Brahmins. The matter is between Krishna and the Supreme Soul. Brahma, Krishna and Shiv Baba: these are all deep things. Very wise people are needed to understand these things. The intellects of those who have full yoga will continue to become like a philosopher's stone. This cannot stay in a wandering intellect. Baba is giving you children such an elevated knowledge. Students also use their intellects. So, now sit and write this. One mustn't delay in carrying out an auspicious task. We children of the Ocean should save our brothers and sisters. The poor ones are continually stumbling. They would say: Since the BKs proclaims this so loudly, there must be something in it. Have hundreds of thousands of leaflets printed and distribute them at the Gita pathshalas. Bharat is the imperishable land and the most elevated pilgrimage place. People have forgotten the pilgrimage place of the Father who grants salvation to all, and so His name has to be glorified again. Only Shiva is worthy of being offered flowers. And the rest are useless. There are many Gita pathshalas. You can change your costume and go there. Then let them think that you must be a BK. No one else could ask such questions. Achcha, you understand that Shiv Baba sits in the body of Brahma and explains all of these things. The Baba who makes you into masters of heaven has now come here. Until you become Brahmins, you cannot become deities. The Brahmin clan is even more elevated than the deity clan. All souls are becoming pure. You will then take rebirth in the new world. Achcha!