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23/12/13 (11/01/69 - Night Class)
The unlimited Father comes and explains to you. He makes you belong to Him, He gives you teachings for a royal status and also makes you pure. The Father gives you the introduction of Himself and the inheritance in a very easy way. You would not be able to understand it by yourself. You would surely receive an unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. Only those with very good intellects would understand what inheritance the Father gives. He gives you the inheritance of the home, the study and the sovereignty of heaven. Those who become the pure deity community are the ones who come into the kingdom. Those who study and teach others will accordingly claim a high status. There are so many children and they are claiming their inheritance from the Father. The Father makes you into the masters of heaven, into Narayan from an ordinary man. This one is the master of the kingdom. So, the unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven and we, His children, will claim the sovereignty of heaven from Him. As the king and queen, so the subjects. You will claim a high status to the extent that you make effort. This is effort for the kingdom. Not everyone receives a kingdom in the golden age. To the extent that you make effort, accordingly, you will receive a high status. Your reward depends on the effort you make. You children know that you will receive sovereignty according to how much effort you make. If you consider yourself to be a soul and you remember the Father, you will become satopradhan from tamopradhan and become pure gold. You will also receive a kingdom. Here, people say that they are the masters of Bharat. All of you will become the masters, but what status will you then claim? What will your status in heaven be after you study? You are now studying at the confluence age. Then you will rule in the golden age. The Father teaches you yoga and also teaches the study. You understand that we are studying Raja Yoga. We also become pure by having remembrance of the Father. Then our rebirth will not be in the kingdom of Ravan, but in the kingdom of Rama. We are now studying- manmanabhav, madhyajibhav. It is now the end of the iron age and then the golden age, heaven, will definitely come. The Father only comes at the confluence age and opens this unlimited school where there is the unlimited study to claim the unlimited sovereignty. You know that you will become the masters of the new world. The new world is called heaven. You feel intoxicated about this, do you not? Truly, after the old world, there is the new world. Children, remember this! It is in the hearts of all the children that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching us in order to make us into the masters of heaven. You children should remember that God is teaching you. We are becoming the highest-on-high kings and queens of heaven. We receive the kingdom through Raja Yoga, and there is purity, peace and happiness in that; there is everything. Shiv Baba has now entered this Baba. He is the Highest on High. The soul carries that experience with himself. When he goes there, the way of sitting there will be royal. All the students will have individual seats. A student wouldn't sit in another student's place. No two souls can have the same part. The Father has explained: Souls have a record recorded in them. Our efforts are continuing according to the drama plan. Some will become kings and others will become queens. At the end, the results of effort will be announced so that the rosary will be created. Those who are to claim a high number will definitely know. When someone dies, you can understand that the soul will go and take another body according to his karma. Those who have performed good actions will receive a good birth with the power of yoga. If one doesn't make effort, one receives a low stage. Happiness will be experienced by thinking in this way. As the maharathis, so their praise. Not everyone's way of speaking knowledge is the same. Each one's way of speaking knowledge is also different. This play is predestined. You children are now paying attention to how you act. Whatever the father or mother does, children learn that. You are now performing elevated actions. One can understand this from the service you do. The effort that the maharathis make cannot remain hidden. You can understand who is making effort to claim a high status. All the children have a chance. In order to claim a high status, you have also received the lesson of manmanabhav, together with its meaning. You children understand that the knowledge-full Father Himself comes and gives you the knowledge of the Gita, and so He would surely give you accurate knowledge. Then however much you continue to put whatever you hear into a practical form depends on how much you imbibe. It is not difficult. You have to remember the Father and know the cycle. This is the study of your final birth. You will pass and then go to the new world of the golden age. It is remembered: There is victory in faith. So, you children have understood with your loving intellects that God is teaching you. You children know that you are souls and that you are imbibing this. The soul is studying through this body. He is doing a job. These matters have to be understood. You remember the Father and then Maya, Ravan, breaks your intellect's yoga. You have to remain cautious of Maya. The more you progress, the more your influence will spread and the more the mercury of your happiness will also rise. When you take a new birth, you will show this very clearly. Achcha.